Spiritual master Sai Maa brings her practices to San Diego


Courtesy of Paulette Schneider

Sai Maa is set to bring her spiritual practices to San Diego on Feb. 17

by Emily Caplan, Staff Writer

College students are no strangers to experiencing the stresses from school, and these can be overbearing sometimes.

However Sai Maa, the world renowned spiritual master, is coming to San Diego Feb. 17 to teach citizens, including SDSU students, her ways of life.

Sai Maa’s practice focuses on breathing, awareness, life and having consciousness about the things one does. Sai Maa believes that everyone who participates in her practice will achieve their own “godliness.”

“Everything you say with ‘I am’ is a powerful system. (It) is your godliness,” she said.

This mindset helped Sai Maa connect and learn the accommodations of western culture, and that is why she still practices and teaches millions of people now. The biggest proponent of her practice is awareness. Students who find themselves stressed can use this tool efficiently in their everyday lives and classes.

“Use your mind, put into that energy of reaction to the side, and take a breath, and you will be amazed at what happens,” Sai Maa said.

Her practice has a lot to do with relaxation. Sai Maa’s methods can also carry over into other forms of meditation including yoga.

Christopher Czarnecki  teaches Hatha yoga classes every week at the Aztec Recreation Center.

“Every person has a personal practice, every person will develop a relationship to a study that applies to them, and so, they will build an alliance with teacher(s) and text to serve that study,” Czarnecki said.

With a degree in psychology and a native of San Diego, he helps students escape from the stressful realities of SDSU through the mind. He believes all meditation has to do with the way someone thinks, much like Sai Maa.

Sai Maa spoke about how students can practice her methods.

“The first practice in (one’s) system compared to others is to become aware, breathe, live, and be conscious what you do,” Sai Maa said.

Sai Maa can help teach the students of SDSU how to become even more successful in the paths they are hoping to follow.

She said the first step is to be “awakened.”

“If there is no awareness, there is no montra,” she said.

A montra is an important step in becoming more successful as a student and a practicer of Sai Maa’s ideas. Her spirituality is a form of meditation, something not unfamiliar to SDSU students.

“I use meditation to help myself focus and prepare myself for exams and coursework,” kinesiology sophomore Dena Prince said.

Sai Maa can help SDSU students delve deeper into meditation and explore their minds in a different way.

Sai Maa will be visiting San Diego on Feb. 17 from 2 – 4 p.m. at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living.

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