Why every student should vote ‘yes’ on ARC Referendum and how it will improve SDSU

by Mayer Pohold, Staff Writer

>Read the case for ‘no’ here.

The time is fast approaching for San Diego State’s student body to vote on the ARC Referendum that would expand the Aztec Recreation Center. While this also would mean a $195-per-semester fee, the expansion’s benefits far outweigh the costs.

An increase in fees that would make it more expensive to attend SDSU is inconvenient. Students do not always know exactly where their money is going. However, in this case, students know the $195 fee is going towards renovations.

It’s also a fee that will not go into effect until the building is completed in 2021 — so the students that will not get a chance to use it will not have to pay for it.

It will also make the ARC free for all students. If the referendum does not pass, the price of a membership will go from $19 to $29 to cover the increasing minimum wage.

The referendum would also apply to other amenities. The aquaplex, tennis courts and other facilities that come with membership to the ARC would not cost a monthly payment to use anymore.

The renovation includes expanding the facility from 78,000 square feet to 148,000 square feet — nearly doubling the amount of space.

The new facilities that would be built would benefit all students. More weight and cardio spaces would be added, there would be another multi-activity court for different sports and an indoor track would be built. Additionally, more fitness studios would be built, as well as a healthy eatery.

The gym gets crowded, and the expansion would help with the space issue.

The current size of the ARC is not enough for the increase in the amount of students that will have to live on campus because of the sophomore success program, which requires non-local sophomores to live on campus.

It’s a great building, but not one that can sustain the level of use it’s going to see in the upcoming years.

If completed, the building would also be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Double Platinum certified. LEED is a certification only given to buildings that meet the highest standard of sustainable development.

The Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union is already LEED Double Platinum certified, and the addition of the ARC would make the university the only college campus with two Double Platinum buildings.

It would make SDSU a pioneer and a leader in the fight against climate change.

A vote for the ARC Referendum not only gives an incredible resource for students that would benefit the entire student body for years to come, but also gives prospective students another reason to want to come to the university.

SDSU has been gaining more praise over the past few years for being a great academic institution. It’s only fair we have an ARC that is just as good as the reputation of the university on which it sits.