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OPINION: Stoner music buds into campus

Soundtracks of pot smokers 20 years ago probably consisted of Slightly Stoopid, 311 and Sublime. However since the legalization of weed in California and other states, the music culture that is associated with stoners has been ever changing.

Weed has inspired thousands of songs, has been the center of music festivals and is the focus of many music genres like rap, rock and reggae.

And just like eating popcorn at the movies, there is nothing that goes along better with smoking weed than listening to music.

While “stoners” will forever be stereotyped as drug rug wearing, dreadlock headed hippies, as times change so has society’s acceptance with smoking marijuana.

So what is it with weed that inspired D.R.A.M. to rap the song “Broccoli” or Tom Petty to write “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” or hundreds of other musicians to sing weed centralized music? That answer is not so simple considering that stoner music is in no way identified with one genre but actually has many that go along with it.

At any music festival — Coachella, Life is Beautiful, Rolling Loud and many more — it is almost impossible to walk around without the scent of pot in the air and while it may seem that the lyrics only focus on doing drugs, the theme that surrounds these songs tend to be peace, love, relaxation and having a good time. Although there are many, here are some of the most important musical aspects of weed culture:


Although listening to an entire album from cover to cover might seem like a task, there are many albums that can be the greatest sounds to hear while smoking. Some of these albums include “American Beauty” by the Grateful Dead, “Man on the Mood” by Kid Cudi or Shwayze’s self-titled album. One of the best things anyone can do is purchase a record player and get lost in an album from start to finish.


As mentioned before, there are many different genres that are incordinance with weed smokers. Why?

This is because of the variety of people that partake in marijuana. Since the 1960s, weed has been mentioned in many genres from rap, rock, jazz and even pop showing the growing popularity for the drug across all people and age groups.


At almost any concert you can find at least one person it the crowd smoking and sometimes you can even find the artist themselves doing so. Getting high at concerts has been popular forever but since the recent legalization of weed, music festivals are popping up around California where attendees can actually bring in and purchase cannabis. Some of these festivals include Chalice in San Bernardino, Hempfest in Seattle, the Dope Cup in Oregon and many more. This newly legalized hobby is making its way into the live music scene and predicting a new future for marijuana smokers at concerts.


The stoner music culture is no longer associated with one type of person. The type of music someone likes to listen to while partaking in smoking is widespread. These listeners all do have one thing in common —  their love for getting high, listening to music and snacking.

As the culture associated with smoking weed will continue to grow, so will it’s prevalence throughout music, concerts and artists. If you’re looking for live music to go celebrate the 4/20 holiday check out these events:

King Krule – San Diego Theatre

San Diego Guitar Festival – Japanese Friendship Garden

Bayked By the Bay Festival – Downtown San Diego

Dubloadz x Bassrush – Bassmnt

Monsoon – Soma San Diego

4/20 Legalized Concert – Oceanside

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San Diego State University’s Independent Student Newspaper Since 1913
OPINION: Stoner music buds into campus