Scene at State: Animal print’s resurgence

by Kelly Kerrigan, Staff Writer

As we put the vibrant colors of summer fashion back into storage, it is time to pull out the cozy warm-colored sweaters and coats for this winter. The typical oranges, browns and reds of the fall season might seem like a repetitive, boring past, but luckily a new trend has hit the fashion world this fall, spicing up the colder season.

Animal print has made its comeback in the fashion industry, filling stores with leopard, snakeskin, tiger and more safari-styled print clothing. With an increasing interest in animal rights, clothing brands have made a conscious effort to brand their faux-fur and faux-leather pieces of the wild animals’ skin and fur.

Brands such as Vans have a variety of leopard-print shoes and button-down shirts on their website; Dolls Kill has featured two-piece cow-patterned sets and bags on its website; Urban Outfitters has decked its catalogue with pleather snakeskin skirts, boots and crop tops.

Designers like Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Gucci and Calvin Klein all featured cheetah print scarves, coats and boots into their seasonal looks, leaving this winter’s runway roaring. Tabloids are filled with celebrities incorporating animal prints into their street style.

A print in more recent years that was left for rockstars has evolved into a style for everyone.

So what is it that has inspired everyone to deck out their winter wardrobe?

Business management junior Rachel Kupfer, who loves all things fashion, is drawn to the statement wearing animal print leaves on her everyday style.

“I think animal print is in style because it’s not just a plain, everyday pattern like stripes or florals,” Kupfer said. “Animal print allows you to be daring and bold with an outfit and bring out your wild side.”

These patterns leave an artistic touch on an otherwise simple outfit. For anyone looking to stick out, adding a touch of these prints to any fit will draw attention.

“I have been starting to only wear animal-printed pants,” integrated marketing senior Chloe Krois said of the trend. “They are my go-to. (Animal print) can dress up any outfit, and it makes boring pants way more interesting.”

Accounting junior Kathryn Hench has found that the new wave of animal print takes from the past and modernizes the trend.

“Fashion repeats itself, and animal print is one of those styles that gets reinvented every season with a new and edgy take on the trend,” accounting junior Kathryn Hench said.

While cheetah print is a style that seems to make an appearance every winter season, new takes on the print have come into play with alternative colors other than traditional brown shades.

The prints have been popularized in women’s clothing, but they have certainly made an impact in men’s wardrobes as well, and you can find animal prints online at many male-targeted websites.

Whether you decide to throw on a furry leopard print coat or a tinge of tiger print on your Vans, animal prints are a bold way to to add zest to your fall style.