Why I decided to attend SDSU

by Hannah Goldstone, Staff Writer

Congratulations, you’ve made it into San Diego State. Whether or not SDSU was your dream school, your backup school or just happened to be the closest school to your home, the university  wants you here. 

Everyone had different reasons for wanting to attend SDSU. Maybe it was a special major program, a specific professor, a sports team, the weather or because one’s parents attended. I picked SDSU because I got admitted into the Weber Honors College, and was going to be a psychology major and SDSU was known for having a popular and well known psychology department. I also wanted a school with big sporting games and school spirit, and wanted a school with big Greek influence. I had never been to San Diego before and wanted a city that was similar to my hometown of Los Angeles. 

It’s now Fall 2019. I’m beginning my last year at SDSU. None of those original intentions  matter anymore. The reasons I stayed in SDSU are, I left the Weber Honors College after my freshman year, I switched majors about five times and eventually stuck with sociology , I haven’t been to a single sporting event in the entirety of my time here but I have truly seen SDSU spirit throughout the years. I joined a sorority for two years, but eventually decided that it wasn’t for me and instead focused on my extracurriculars and many part-time jobs. Nowadays, I spend a lot of time with my Peer Health Education program, which I had never given thought to before attending SDSU. I decided to minor in political science, a subject that I loathed before coming to SDSU, because I admire the faculty and their stories.  

I wrote down these thoughts  to showcase how much my mindset has changed. I hope that during your time at SDSU you change your mind about things, maybe even the same thing, several times. Don’t be afraid to change your major three times. Try taking classes that you didn’t think you would be interested in. Join groups and then leave them. Don’t be afraid of changing your values or priorities. 

This idea of “finding yourself” and “college experimentation” can be cheesy and cliche. Some people claim to know exactly which path they want to take from the beginning. These people enter college as a biology major and stick with it all the way up to becoming a doctor. I believe that this mindset can only get you so far. 

I think it’s wonderful that one can  feel passionate and motivated about a certain choice. However, hopefully one day when you pass by tabling for a dance team or cooking class, you decide to give it a try even if it isn’t in your predestined life plan. I hope you’re not afraid to change your mind about what you hope to get out of your time at SDSU.  This university taught me, whether indirectly or not, that I can switch paths completely and everything will work out in the end.

Hannah Goldstone is a senior studying sociology. Follow her on Twitter @hannahg0ldstone.