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Hannah Goldstone is a senior studying sociology.

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Former writer apologizes for previous opinion story about gender neutrality

April 30, 2020

Editor's Note: This is an apology issued by Hannah Goldstone, a former staff writer for The Daily Aztec, in reference to an opinion story titled "We shouldn't...

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Why I decided to attend SDSU

August 14, 2019

Congratulations, you’ve made it into San Diego State. Whether or not SDSU was your dream school, your backup school or just happened to be the closest...

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We shouldn’t assume gender neutrality

March 13, 2019

Editor's Note: The writer of this story, former staff writer Hannah Goldstone, has since issued an apology regarding the opinions displayed in this article....

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Stop getting so easily offended

November 19, 2018

Earlier in October, I was devastated to learn that Apu Nahasapeemapetilon would be cut from “The Simpsons.” Fortunately, it turned out to be just rumors. The...

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SDSU West and Soccer City are too confusing. Vote ‘no’ for both measures

October 31, 2018

We’ve seen the signs, the campaigns, everybody urging us to register to vote. There are many important initiatives on the ballot this election season,...

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Put down your phone, focus on staying safe

October 17, 2018

It seems like robbery, and other crimes have died down around campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. But that’s not to say you should rest easy. People...

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