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SDSU West and Soccer City are too confusing. Vote ‘no’ for both measures


We’ve seen the signs, the campaigns, everybody urging us to register to vote.

There are many important initiatives on the ballot this election season, and the one that has every San Diegan talking is Measure G and Measure E.

This measure will decide what will become of the SDCCU Stadium in Mission Valley.

I’ve seen advertisements in favor of SoccerCity for more than a year now.

Before, I didn’t care, but now that I see how it could potentially affect my community, my school and my city, I definitely care now.

Whichever measure wins come this election day will surely have a major impact in San Diego and will significantly impact SDSU.

Both measures aim to utilize and reinvent the prime real estate in Mission Valley that was left behind by the Chargers football team.

Essentially, Measure E’s supporters want the city-owned site to be redeveloped by a La Jolla-based investment group (FS Investors), “SoccerCity,” and turned into a major league soccer stadium, office space, retail space, apartment complexes and hotels.

The backers of Measure G want to build a satellite campus for San Diego State with a new football stadium, academic research facilities, affordable housing for students and faculty, retail spaces and hotels.

Both competing visions also desire and prioritize the development of a river park.

At face value, one might vote for either measure depending on whether or not they value sports or education more.

Although SDSU West does plan on rebuilding a football stadium, they campaign with expansion of research and technological buildings as its priority, not the sports stadium.

Both proposals include similar development of retail and office space, housing and hotels.

Personally, I’ve never really thought that the city of San Diego valued sports all that much.

Sure, we pack stadiums full of fans during a game, and who can forget we were once home of the Chargers football team.

But, still I think most Americans associate San Diegans with the beach, delicious Mexican food and sunny weather before football or soccer.

The next deciding factor is what either of these measures will cost us if implemented

Competing opinions about whether one measure will bring in more tax revenue or cost the taxpayers more are inconclusive and all over the place.

Measure G backers claim it will not require student fee raises, but I’m a bit skeptical of that considering the fact that there’s still been some grey area in regards to the details.

And others are skeptical of Measure E’s investor’s sources of income and whether or not they will truly be able to finance this massive project.

Personally, I think there needs to be more fiscal impact analyses conducted before we can really claim which measure does what.

Both masures claim they are complying with sustainability standards, will raise employment and create jobs, and won’t affect student tuitions or raise taxes.

This all sounds great, but there is a just too much vagueness in each proposal.

Measure E claims there will be room for an SDSU campus extension somehow, while with Measure G, a campus extension could take decades to complete.

Neither measure has stated how it would address the impacts construction would have on local traffic or city revenue for other public schools.

What it really comes down to

is the question of how we want to reinvent ourselves as a city.

What should we, as San Diegans, be prioritizing with this opportunity?

If I had to choose, I lean more toward supporting SDSU West simply because San Diego is home to so many research universities, therefore, I think we should expand our facilities and prioritize academic growth over soccer and entertainment.

Currently, polls show public favor toward Measure G as well.

But like I said, there are just too many unanswered questions and uncertain details about either measure.

Not only that, but it’s a also an extremely difficult and complex issue.

It would’ve been nice if either side took more time to actively and effectively educate us about what each measure would mean.

Though each side offers a pretty significant amount of information, it’s still hard to decide what will actually happen to the land.

It’s too unclear.

We should resist the urge to pick a measure just to say we picked one, or just so something, anything can be done with the land.

We should make a well-informed decision.

The decision that will benefit the most people, while simultaneously benefiting the city.

If this situation sounds like a shot in the dark, as favorable as these campaigns may seem, make the choice to vote no on both Measure E and Measure G.

Hannah Goldstone is a junior studying sociology.

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Hannah Goldstone, Staff Writer
Hannah Goldstone is a senior studying sociology.
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SDSU West and Soccer City are too confusing. Vote ‘no’ for both measures