Damn, that was it? Welp, see ya later

by Agustin Gonzalez

Agustin Gonzalez (far right)

Stumbling back to my Pacific Beach abode one drunken night, I turned to two of my best friends, Edward Lewis and Matt McClanahan, and said, “Damn. These farewell columns are gonna be fun to write.”

I’m sitting down to write this after my last day of college classes ever, and that’s pretty f—-ing weird to think about. I’m not going to lie, today it hit me harder than a Miles Burris sack: I need to develop some responsibility now. That sucks.

It’s bittersweet, really, having one part of your mind focused on starting the next chapter of your life, while the other is in the present, trying to soak up every last minute with best friends and people who have completely changed your life.

I would like to dedicate this column to the people who have done just that.

First, to the homies who go back to freshman year: Eric, Jesse, Fuzzy, Spitz and everyone else I missed. I love you guys. From our first year down at San Diego State, getting fratty seven nights a week and hitting on every blond bombshell sorority girl who walked through the door, to growing up these four years with everything we’ve experienced together, I’ve had the f—-ing time of my life. P.S. — who’s gonna be the first one of us to get married? I vote Fabian to that Filipina girl he met on the cruise.

Second, to the new best buds, Edward and Matt: We tore s— up this year. Edward, you were the best sports editor, not to mention the best journalist who has ever written for The Daily Aztec. You’ve spent four whole years providing top-notch coverage of all SDSU sports, and it’s a goddamn shame that someone in the athletics department doesn’t realize that (I hope he’s reading this). You will be missed at the Aztec, but I’m stoked you’ll still be down here for the next six months. Mateo, you are one of the funniest, wittiest motherf—ers I’ve ever met. Not only have you been right about EVERY SINGLE one of your predictions about SDSU sports (bowl game, Hoke leaving, Rocky Long, etc.) but you’re a damn good columnist — better than what The San Diego Union-Tribune spits out. Can’t wait for that Alabama-Auburn game next year, baby! I know we’ll all be best friends for life.

To my friends and family; this goes without being said. You are my heart, soul and being. You brought me up from that cute little trouble-making baby to a man who is ready to take on the world.

To my beautiful girlfriend: These past few months have been amazing, more to come.

Here at SDSU, I learned from my professors but became me through my experiences. I will never forget seeing Brandon Sullivan, with his helmet in his hands and tears of joy streaming down his face, after the football team exorcised 41 years worth of demons and won its first bowl game since 1969. I will never forget thousands of screaming students rushing the court after the final buzzer sounded to win the Mountain West Conference regular season title. Oh yeah, and seeing a U-T columnist get verbally bitch-slapped by former Utah head coach Jim Boylen was pretty sweet too. (“What’s up with all these Kawhi Leonard questions? Are you a big fan of his? I’m not sure where you’re going with that one, brother.”)

It’s a short four (or five, six, seven in some cases) years at college, and I have some words of wisdom to leave you with (call it my Aztec legacy).

Take that last shot at 5 a.m. when you have class in three hours and you’re still wasted. Play in a spontaneous beer pong tournament when you know you should be studying for that psych final tomorrow. Do what YOU want to do. College is the perfect time for us to f—- up and make glorious mistakes, so make some before you lose the chance. Just make sure you learn from them and let the experience make you a better person.

On that note, peace out bitches. It’s been real.