New walk-in health service debuts at Calpulli Center


Cristian Rangel

El Centro de Salud Calpulli esta disponible para la comunidad de SDSU.

by Callista Hansen, Contributor

A new walk-in health service, intended to help students with minor injuries and illnesses, opened this semester at Calpulli Center. 

The services are directed to help students with minor illnesses and injuries such as sore throats, UTIs or STI screenings, according to Director of Student Health Services Libby Skiles.

If students are suffering from more complicated injuries and illnesses, they are advised to be seen by a medical provider, which are also available on campus, Skiles said. However, this process does require scheduling an appointment. 

“If students do end up needing an appointment with a medical provider after being seen by a triage nurse, (the nurses) can help facilitate with the scheduling of that appointment,” Skiles said.

The walk-in nurse service can help students who are unsure about the severity of an illness or about which resources are best for treatment. Students are able to tell the nurse what they’ve been experiencing and get navigated to the right place.

“It gives students a place where they can walk in and talk to a health care professional and get guidance, because very often they’re just not sure,” Skiles said.

Kinesiology freshman Eric Rodriguez said the walk-in nurse service quickly addressed his health needs.  

“I came in and they made me feel comfortable right away,” Rodriguez said. “They took care of me immediately, and in five minutes, I was in getting checked out by a doctor. Almost the next day I just felt like myself again, so they did a really good job.”

Business administration freshman Daniel Gallardo said his experience using this service was efficient and timely.

“The wait is super short, so it was really good,” Gallardo said. “If you’re just feeling under the weather or you have a minor injury, then it’s super good because it’s not like the (emergency room) where you have to go in and just wait forever. They’re super quick and really organized.”

Skiles said this new service is a great starting point for students, especially since many of them are unfamiliar on what steps to take if they are experiencing health concerns, while also taking into consideration students busy schedules.

“We’re just continuing to work and improve the services that we provide for students,” Skiles said.

Walk-in nurse services are located on the first floor of the Calpulli Center, next to the elevators. Its operating hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; and 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday.