Students get spooky at halloween cookie decorating

by Ryan Hardison, Contributor

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In the Commuter Resource Center, on the second floor of the Aztec Student Union, Commuter Life held a cookie decorating event for students on Halloween. The event, “Spooky Cookie Decorating and Study Tips,” gave students the chance to hang out and celebrate Halloween by decorating cookies. 

Various Halloween decorations covered the resource center and Halloween-themed music played in the background,  such as “Ghostbusters” and “Monster Mash.”

Students each got the chance to decorate cookies with a variety of icing, sprinkles and other tools.

In addition to the cookies, there was a list of Halloween riddles covering the back wall along with Halloween Pictionary on the rolling whiteboard. Students took turns guessing and making Halloween-themed drawings for their friends to guess.

Many students showed up to the event sporting costumes including a pumpkin suit, a Spider-man spandex suit and a Freddy Kreuger sweater. 

Criminal justice freshmen Kaylee Hamilton and Maya Koehler enjoyed decorating cookies and mingling with other students and mentors from the Commuter Life mentor program. 

“We heard about the cookie decorating in our commuter class and I’m glad we decided to come,” Koehler said. 

Hamilton said she hopes to see more events like this in the future.

“This is my first time coming to one of these events, but I love it, so I definitely want to go to more of these,” Hamilton said. 

Commuter students such as Hamilton and Koehler come to the Commuter Resource Center to study and speak with their mentors from the program. In addition, these events give commuter students the chance to meet other students who live off campus.

Some commuter students, including kinesiology freshman Jonathan Garcia, were unaware of the event beforehand, but saw the sign for it outside the resource room and decided to go check it out. 

“Me and (my friend) Derek were just sitting outside and we saw the sign, so we decided to come and get some cookies,“ Garcia said.

Garcia said fun events like cookie decorating have helped him with the tough transition from high school to college. Although college is a “good change,” Commuter Life events have helped him befriend commuter students and make the transition easier, Garcia said.

Graduate student Kaleigh Lacouture is a supervisor in the Commuter Life program and is one of the advisors who helped plan the event. 

Lacouture said these events are meant to give students an opportunity to take a break from their stressful school day and participate in fun activities. 

“Our goal is to create events where people can just breathe, relax and have fun,” Lacouture said.

Commuter Life holds various events and workshops that are available for all students. Lacouture said they usually hold at least one event per week. These events can connect students with Commuter Life mentors or serve as an escape from the daily stress of college. 

After most of the students were finished decorating their cookies, Lacouture began playing Halloween-themed vine compilations on the large TV in the resource center. 

Laughs and smiles filled the room as people ate their cookies and bonded over the funny videos.


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