Netflix holiday movie and TV guide

by Johann Derek Oribello, Senior Staff Writer

With the weather outside being frightful lately and finals week rapidly approaching, the holiday season is officially here. 

Netflix has recently updated its catalogue to include a plethora of holiday-themed, streamable content for consumers to enjoy. 

Although a majority of students’ free time will be spent on late night study sessions to prepare for final exams, Netflix has fans covered with endless hours of entertaining shows and movies to help viewers escape from the stresses of life and keep them cozy for the holidays. 

Here are some of the top holiday Netflix TV shows and movies available to stream right now.

Amongst new and original content being released in this year’s holiday lineup, Netflix decided to include timeless Christmas classics. One of the top classics currently streaming includes the 2000 live-directed film, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” featuring Jim Carrey. 

The grinch is an iconic holiday character that touched the hearts of countless children nationwide. Carrey nails the titular role to a tee as the cranky, green grump of Dr. Seuss’ iconic tale in this film. Coming out in 2000, this film is nostalgic to university students across the nation and have probably viewed the film at least once in their life. Now available on Netflix, revisit this timeless classic that has provided countless years of holiday cheer.

A great holiday-themed Netflix original that viewers should check out is the movie, “The Princess Switch.” High School Musical alum Vanessa Hudgens stars in this holiday rom-com under two lead roles – as a duchess and ordinary Chicago baker who are twins. The plot revolves around these two individuals discovering each other’s existence just a week before Christmas arrives. 

With the holidays approaching, they develop a plan to switch lives and trade places for a few days. The plan takes a turn to the left as both twins end up finding romance in each other’s lives and must find a way to make it work. This film is a great rom-com to put on and get cozy with family and friends. 

Another fantastic Netflix original for the holiday season is the movie, “Klaus.” Releasing just recently on Nov. 8, it holds a rotten tomatoes critical rating of 92%. The movie marks Netflix’s first original animated feature film and revolves around the origin story of Santa Claus. 

The movie is directed by Sergio Pablos who is best known as the creator of the beloved animated franchise, “Despicable Me.” Returning to the movie scene with a new original work, he captures the hearts of people once again with the heartwarming narrative detailing how Santa Claus came to be. With gorgeous hand-drawn animations that stand out from the standard CGI animation format, it’s clear to see that “Klaus” took much time and effort to create. It all pays off with a wonderful Christmas film that has the potential to become a future Christmas classic for children and families to enjoy.

The wildly popular TV series, “Friends” is loved all around the world. Fortunately, one of America’s favorite sitcoms has many holiday episodes to binge on between study sessions. With more than 10 episodes centering around holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah and even New Year’s, there’s bound to be an episode to put on for the season.

These are just some of the incredible movies and shows currently available to stream on Netflix. With the year and decade coming to a close, put on one of these recommended shows to help keep you warm as the new year comes along.