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Students’ sexual questions answered at incognito-mode event

Aleah Jarin
Sex in the Dark was an event in the Aztec Student Union for all genders and sexualities.

Sitting in complete darkness, students of all sexual orientations got to anonymously ask sex educators questions they had related to sex at Planned Parenthood Generation Action’s second annual Sex in the Dark event on Feb. 25.   

The 300 students in attendance were educated by sex experts Stephanie Campos and Marshall Miller, who speak at different high schools and colleges to answer questions and inform students about all things surrounding sex. Topics covered at this event ranged from how to go about asking for consent, sexual health, relationships and how to adequately pleasure your partner. 

Campos and Miller kept it light-hearted and made jokes throughout the night but, ultimately, serious answers and facts were provided to educate students. 

“We want this to be a safe space for people to ask what’s on your mind,” Miller said. 

Public health junior Fatima Tinajero attended Sex in the Dark for the first time and appreciated having an event where people could be frank about their sexual curiosities. 

“It sounded really interesting and I feel like sex is a really taboo topic, so it just feels really cool that something on campus is kind of destigmatizing it,” Tinajero said. 

Social work freshman Lilian Ramirez also said she liked how open this event is in talking about sex, and how people can actually get beneficial information so they can stay safe.  

“Especially in my culture, being Hispanic, I feel like growing up I was kind of shamed for knowing about this stuff and being open about it,” Ramirez said. “So the fact that this event is so open, even though it’s still anonymous, you’re still able to talk about it freely and be provided with things that are going to benefit you, so you’re not just out there doing stuff without protection.”

Many of the Planned Parenthood Generation Action club members and officers were also in attendance, giving out pamphlets with additional resources, stickers and glow in the dark condoms. 

Vice President of Finance for Planned Parenthood Generation Action and interdisciplinary studies junior Sofia Ortiz, said the purpose of this event is to provide students with the sex education they may not have received at school or home.

“It’s not required in all states to have medically accurate sex ed, so we hope people can come here and just have their questions answered, but to also have a safe and comfortable space to ask no matter what their identity is or what communities they’re a part of,” Ortiz said. 

Music education freshman Rafael Cabrerra said he found the event educational and learned more than he was expecting.  

“I think I would come back for a future event,” Cabrerra said. “I might even bring a friend.”

Ortiz said though this is only the second time Sex in the Dark has come to SDSU, Planned Parenthood Generation Action hopes to host it annually. 

Ortiz also encouraged students to stop by one of Planned Parenthood Generation Action’s meetings every other Wednesday from 11 a.m. to noon in the Tehuanco Suite of the Aztec Student Union.  

Planned Parenthood Generation Action supports reproductive rights and provides sexual health education and resources. You can follow them @ppgaofsdsu on Instagram for more information and to stay updated on the next Sex in the Dark event.  

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Students’ sexual questions answered at incognito-mode event