A.S. presidential candidate Steven Plante


Photo courtesy of Steven Plante

A.S. presidential candidate Steven Plante.

by Johann Derek Oribello, Senior Staff Writer

Name: Steven Plante 

Position: President

Slate: Serve SDSYOU

Year: Junior

Major: Criminal Justice 

Why do you want to run for AS president?

“I feel that as of right now, we are at a state where students need a genuine voice. And I want to make sure I’m able to provide that for them and bring all corners of campus together to truly advocate on behalf of all students.”

What makes you qualified for this position?

“I’m the most qualified for this position because I have always had students at my core. I have made it a priority of mine to always work on the behalf of students, and I have already had executive experience being president of two different organizations on campus, which are Pi Kappa Alpha and the Interfraternity Council. (These two organizations) have given me a holistic perspective within A.S. and outside A.S. to truly be able to serve all the students.”

What would you like to change at SDSU?

“I think right now that the students are not included in conversations enough. I feel like a lot of policies are passed without student’s opinions, and I definitely want to change that.”

What would you like to stay the same at SDSU?

“What I think is good right now is the relationship between A.S. and the university. However, I would want to use that relationship in a better way. Right now, they do have a good relationship, and the A.S. President has direct communications with President de la Torre, but I want to make sure I’m using that the right way. So, I think that it’s important that we do have a relationship, and I would like that to stay because it’s important to have that relationship. I just want to be able to enhance the student perspective and actually challenge the university on a lot of things that are being overlooked.” 

This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.