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Changing denim and minds: SDSU’s Title IX hosts Denim Day event to bring awareness to sexual violence

SDSU FratMANners and SISSTERS collaborate denim swap event while also educating those in attendance
Emma Kepfer
Students pose for Denim Day event at Campanile Walkway on April 24, 2024

April marks the transition into spring and sunshine while also serving as a focal point for important causes. 

The month is also dedicated to raising awareness for sexual assault, autism, stress and more, making it significant for many.  

Denim Day is an annual event that honors survivors of sexual violence and brings awareness. This day is acknowledged in many countries on the last Wednesday of April. 

This day originates in Italy after a 1992 high-profile sexual assault case in which the alleged attacker’s conviction was overturned because the Italian Supreme Court ruled that the plaintiff’s jeans were too tight to be forcefully removed, and considered this implied consent. 

In protest, women in the Italian parliament wore jeans to work, which spread quickly across the country. Soon, other countries got wind of this case and wore jeans to show solidarity. This year marks Denim Day’s 25th anniversary. 

San Diego State University’s Title IX office, which focuses on sexual misconduct response and prevention, commemorated this by hosting a denim swap with fratMANners (Fraternity Men Against Negative Environments and Rape Situations) and SISSTERS (Sororities Invested in Survivor Support, Training and Ending Rape)

These organizations often discuss issues at the forefront of sororities and fraternities in hopes of improving campus and Greek life. 

“I think it’s just really important that the school emphasizes safety. It sounds kind of silly because often people think they know everything about sexual assault and violence, but it’s not spoken about enough and, realistically, it happens more than we’re thinking,” said Maya Olivia, a former sorority member who has continued to stay involved with SISSTERS. “I really appreciate that this organization brings to light what is going on in the world.”

The event was full of information, resources and positive affirmations. There were also custom “April is Sexual Assault Month” tote bags filled with water bottles, stickers, fidget toys and knick-knacks — that’s not even mentioning the denim. 

Racks were filled with denim of all kinds. Ranging in all sizes and variety of choices, students could bring any denim they wanted to exchange for the donated pieces gathered mainly from sororities and fraternities. 

Jaylen Citizen, a fratMANners volunteer, felt it was important for men to be involved in these conversations around sexual violence. He emphasized that this is not just a woman’s issue, but everyone’s issue. 

“I think it’s important for us to have these conversations, especially as men and fraternity men. If only half the population is joining the conversation then there’s only so much we can do because this is a joint effort,” Citizen said. “Not only are men victims of sexual assault but a lot of times they are bystanders. They don’t know what to do in certain situations when someone does come to them about it, and often they are not equipped to handle these situations, so it’s super important for us to take these classes, have these conversations and events to make sure that everyone has a voice and is a part of the conversation.”  

FratMANners and SISSTERS encourage anyone in Greek life to take the course and get more involved. Those not in Greek life can follow the organizations on Instagram for information about upcoming events. 

For a comprehensive list of Title IX resources, visit their website.