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U-T reveals partisan bias with DeMaio plug

by Brody Burns // May 9, 2012

The San Diego Union-Tribune recently endorsed Republican Carl DeMaio for the San Diego mayoral race. This move should come as no surprise from an editorial...

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Republican Representative Paul Ryan is against President Obama’s “Buffett Rule.” | MCT Campus

Debt plan hurts students

by Brody Burns // April 2, 2012

This past fall, many prominent members of the Republican Party came out in droves to protect one of their most insulated constituencies: millionaires....

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Vote changes bring shame to CA Assembly

by Brody Burns // March 21, 2012

Flashback to Jan. 3, 2008: A truly strange contingent of Democrats has descended upon the state of Iowa to begin what will be a six-month fight for the...

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Though much of the Republican presidential candidates’ rhetoric says otherwise, gas prices are not affected by presidents. / MCT Campus

Gas prices are not President Obama’s fault

by Brody Burns // March 13, 2012

Chances are you’ve had the unpleasant experience of filling up your gas tank recently. It’s painful. If you’ve managed to somehow avoid the torturous...

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With 10 states offering delegates, Super Tuesday will be make or break for candidates participating in the Republican primaries. | MCT Campus

Predicting the Super Tuesday results

by Brody Burns // March 6, 2012

The proverbial belle of the primary season ball is back. The quadrennial contest known as Super Tuesday has again descended upon the primary election...

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Gauging job market key to major selection

by Brody Burns // February 14, 2012

Choose your major wisely. Whether you are on the Van Wilder track, languidly entering your seventh year as an undergrad with little hope of fruition; or...

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New tuition plan has great merit

by Brody Burns // February 5, 2012

The precarious financial situation of the California State University education system is well-documented. For the 427,000 students in the CSU system who...

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Giants, Republicans have no chance to win

by Brody Burns // January 29, 2012

Football and politics. One is a unifying force, a shared experience for nearly all Americans, a common thread in the fabric of the nation that serves...

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‘Teach or Preach’ list exercises free speech

by Brody Burns // January 25, 2012

Earlier this month, the San Diego State College Republicans released a list categorizing some SDSU professors based upon the political biases they...

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No input for Big East change is foul move

by Brody Burns // December 12, 2011

The incredibly volatile landscape of intercollegiate athletics recently reverberated across Montezuma Mesa. Last week, reports surfaced that the San...

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Approval ratings fail to change status quo

by Brody Burns // December 6, 2011

It took more than three decades but it has finally plunged into single digits and now sits at 9 percent. No, it’s not the likelihood of Herman Cain...

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Justice rigged for celebs

by Brody Burns // November 16, 2011

Man, celebrities ruin everything. George Lucas and Indiana Jones, the concept of what is newsworthy in our current culture, the authenticity of any...

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