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An intersectional guide to Women's History Month

An intersectional guide to Women’s History Month

by Brenna Martinez, Contributor // March 30, 2021

Women’s History Month, established just in the past few decades, initially began as a week of celebration in 1981 to recognize important and influential...

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Politicians must stop ‘hispandering’ and start genuinely focusing on Latinx voters

by Trinity Bland, Staff Writer // October 2, 2019

The Latinx community in the United States deserves a greater deal of respect and regard than they’ve received from politicians over the course of time.  Historically,...

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The GSP exam is a barrier for Latinx students pursuing a journalism major

by Charlie Vargas, Staff Writer // October 2, 2019

The Daily Aztec has published various stories on the barriers upheld by the Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation test. Each evaluation brings a valid point...

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Celebración de cultura Latinx en SDSU

Celebración de cultura Latinx en SDSU

by Andrea Lopez-Villafaña , Assistente de Mundo Azteca // November 16, 2016

De día el centro de la unión de estudiantes no tenía nada fuera de lo normal, pero esa noche varias organizaciones de San Diego State University lo...

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