The Daily Aztec

Israel-Palestine not an all-or-nothing issue

by Dana Tsuri-Etzioni, Staff Columnist

February 15, 2017

The situation in the Middle East is complicated, and as someone from Israel who visits every year, I can confirm the conflicts are not as black and white as they are often portrayed. In the tensions between Palestine and Israel,...

Anti-Semitism claims invest in poor arguments

by Caleb Minnick, Staff Columnist

April 8, 2015

Recently, San Diego State was given the dubious honor of being the sixth most anti-Semitic campus in America, according to conservative activist, David Horowitz. This admittedly inflammatory article was quite shocking to read. Is SDSU...

Letter to the Editor: Divestment is taking a stand for human rights

by Staff

April 9, 2014

For the past half century, Israel has continued to violate the human rights of the indigenous Palestinian population. These violations range from discriminatory Jim Crow-like laws to the use of illegal weapons like white phosphorus,...

Letter to the Editor: Divestment creates campus hostility

by Staff

April 9, 2014

Dear Editor, The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement is an international effort to delegitimize Israel. The resolution calls for universities to divest funds used in companies such as GE, Caterpillar, HP, Motorola, etc....