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SDSU's Hepner Hall building

Pending FDA approval, CSU and UC will require COVID-19 vaccines in the fall

by Brenden Tuccinardi, Editor in Chief // April 22, 2021

The California State University and University of California systems will require all students, faculty and staff (including auxiliary employees and contractors)...

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Sexual misconduct allegations swept under the rug by Berkeley

by Julianna McDowell, Staff Columnist // April 27, 2016

The University of California, Berkeley, a public university known for its prestigious academic standing, has recently come under fire for a multitude of...

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Exam season can be difficult for everyone. A pandemic only add more weight to that.  Following these tips can make things easier.

CA bill proposes faculty-free college degrees

by Michele Pluss // April 10, 2013

Assembly Bill 1306 was introduced to California State Assembly in February, proposing a new state university system. Aptly titled the “New University...

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