Three Weeks Inand America’s Already Bushed

by Staff

So, the first thing he did was limit the rights of women. Then henominated a racist into one of the highest officesof law in the country — to protect the rights of all Americans.

On his upcoming agenda is a plan to blow the surplus by giving itback to his people (the wealthiest 1 percent), piss on the foundingprinciples of the nation by uniting church and state and tease Russiaand China into a Cold War-esque conflict while alienating our allieslike some global bully.

Who in God’s name voted George W. Bush to be the leader of thefree world, the commander in chief — the president of the UnitedStates?

Oh, that’s right, no one — at least not the majority ofAmericans.

Days into office, the republicans limited federal funding toclinics that provide or promote abortions abroad and called for adomestic review by the FDA of the abortion pill RU-486 following theFDA’s Clinton-era approval.

Seeing the overturning of Roe v. Wade as perhaps a project toomonumental for a four-year term, even should he be able to weightdown the Supreme Court with one more conservative justice, Bush willsate his religious right-leanings by chipping away at theaccessibility of abortion.

Firmly establishing himself as America’s religious moralconscience, the Commander in Chief’s next move is to turn the nationinto a chapel, eliminating the separation of church and state throughfederal funding for charitable religious groups.

At the same time, while holding open the hand of religion toAmericans, Bush is extending his middle finger to the world. Thenational missile defense system is poised to spark a period of”compensation” in Russia and China — nations that feel the systemwill limit their country’s ability to destroy the United States. Ofcourse, if Bush really wants to allay the fears of our super-powercounterparts, he only need tell them of the system’s one-out-of-threehit ratio.

Considering the progress of the 1990s, there’s no justificationfor a return to the Reagan/Bush republican ’80s — that’s called …taking … a step … back.

Forget the stigma of the first 100 days — these issues havearisen from the ashes of Bush’s initial 17.

This nation’s going to hell.

And in light of the impending fire and brimstone, it is theopinion of The Daily Aztec that Bush’s impact on the nation will benegative.

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