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Essential apps to buy before traveling

by Marie McCarty

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MCT Campus

MCT Campus

In the endless assortment of applications available in the Apple App Store, preparing a travel-ready iPhone may appear to be a daunting task. Opposed to spending hours painstakingly scrolling through user reviews and top rated apps, look into these 10 essential apps aimed to ease travelers through any adventure.

Before embarking on vacation, take a moment to download these apps and become prepared for anything future travels may cast your way.

Before the trip

  1. Packing Pro ($2.99) — Listed as one of the best iPhone apps for travelers in the past two years, Packing Pro does the work of listing everything needed to pack for traveling, from cameras to cash. Packing Pro comes preloaded with hundreds of items, and there is complete flexibility to add new categories, types and items. Don’t worry about forgetting something before it’s too late. If it’s on the list, pack it.
  2. Kayak (Free) — The iPhone version of the popular website allows users to compare hundreds of travel sites at once for booking hotels, flights, rental cars and full trips at no cost.

At the airport

  1. FlightTrack ($4.99) — Track flights with visually stunning maps, obtain real-time departure information, keep updated about flight cancellations and always stay informed about flight delays, early arrivals and changed gate numbers with FlightTrack. In addition, FlightTrack offers full international coverage, allowing all flights to be tracked worldwide. It may cost a few bucks but is imperative for those who fly regularly.
  2. GateGuru (Free) & Gate Maps ($0.99) — GateGuru and Gate Maps offer solutions to travelers rushing to find a connecting flight or who have a few hours to kill at the airport. GateGuru offers information and reviews about all the places to eat and shop in nearly any airport, while Gate Maps navigates travelers through unfamiliar airports with ease.

Upon Arrival

  1. Google Maps (Free) — Leave it to Google to create the optimal travel map. Google Earth’s satellites cover almost every square inch of the entire world in addition to people uploading new street views constantly. The best thing about it: never having to figure out how to fold it back up the correct way.
  2. WHERE (Free) — WHERE discovers what is nearby with real-time information and recommendations about restaurants, movies, weather, news, cheap gas, friends and more. It’s great for those on the move who need quick and helpful information, directions or simply ideas of what to do in an unfamiliar place.
  3. Free Translator (Free) — In a foreign country, nothing can seem more daunting than a language barrier. This simple, fast and free app translates Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi and Vietnamese.
  4. World Customs and Cultures (Free) — When traveling in foreign lands, it is vital to know the customs and cultures. This app quickly searches helpful tips, laws and cultural differences by country.
  5. Offline Wikitravel ($7.99) — Offline Wikitravel provides travelers with travel tips, info, history, suggestions, and guides anytime, anywhere. Offline Wikitavel stores more than 20,000 worldwide travel guides from the Wikitravel website on the iPhone and is accessible outside of Wi-Fi and data range after the initial download.
  6. Skype (Free) — Much like the computer program, Skype allows for completely free calls on the go via Wi-Fi networks. It is ideal for keeping in contact with friends and family without racking up costs for pricy international calls.
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  1. John Kim on February 21st, 2011 12:01 pm

    how about the tripadvisor app, I use that one a lot.


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