Friday Playlist: Road Trip Across America

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Friday Playlist: Road Trip Across America

by Adriana Arce

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Hello there!

So while it definitely isn’t time just yet for students to disperse for Spring break, I’ve been feeling the need to travel somewhere far, far away.  Realistically speaking, “far, far away” is Mexico at the moment, and the trip down South is debatable for a multitude of reasons.  On the other hand, my friends and I have been talking about renting an RV (I kid, we would probably go in my little car) and going on a great road trip across the continental United States.  But because we are college students with a limited time frame and budget, I decided this playlist shall suffice as we scrape up pennies in the meantime.

Until next week, enjoy!






1. “Philadelphia” – Standard Fare


2. “Boston” – Augustana


3. “Chicago” – Sufjan Stevens


4. “Miami” – Foals


5. “Santa Fe” – Beirut


6. “Portland” – The Replacements


7. “San Francisco” – Scott McKenzie

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