Everyone and no one

by Sarah Gough

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Illuminate my darkness with the spark of something clear

Dissipate the hazy cloud that encompasses my thought,

Flood me with a comfort that destroys all traces of fear

And remind me of what I’ve long forgot.


Take me back to days of old, when strength and grace were abundant.

Take away the sense of cynicism that has replaced optimism with reluctance.


Infuse me with the sense of care that brought me lasting safety

Open my heart to a truth that I once found sacred and everlasting,

Let every drop of anguish melt with the acceptance of uncertainty

And show me how to navigate through principles so contrasting.


Please, I need some indication of consistency, I despise being this capricious.

How can I be honest to anyone let alone myself when my own psyche is duplicitous?


Please just show me some relief from something that I know is real

My heart has sunk and I don’t see how I will get through…

Restore the sense of love that was the most certain thing I could ever feel

Please, I’m slipping … And who am I even talking to?


Everyone and no one.

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