Letter: This is a defining election for millennials

The next presidential election is going to be a defining moment for millennials.

As a student about to graduate, I recognize that the leadership we choose will have huge implications for our post-grad lives. I’m writing to express my support for Governor Jeb Bush and to encourage my fellow SDSU students to join me.

Washington is broken. Vitriol and dysfunction have become standard, and the voices of main street have been drowned out by a cacophonous status quo. We need a strong president that has a record of working across the aisle to get things done.

His successful record in Florida working with a ideologically divided legislature proves that Governor Bush will be a strong executive, and his background in business gives him unique perspective in a race full of career politicians.

As president, Jeb Bush will be a disrupter in a government content with gridlock.

Governor Bush is focusing on the real issues: jobs, education, and opportunity. In Florida, he led on those.

Whether it was growing Florida’s economy at 4.4 percent per year, reducing the cost of in-state tuition, or protecting the environment, Governor Bush led. When the voices of Florida’s political establishment said he couldn’t get things done, he pushed back. Governor Bush has been a servant all his life.

At the age of 17 he taught English in Mexico, where he met his wife Columba and gained important international experience. These qualities have prepared him for our nation’s highest office.

Governor Bush is running an optimistic campaign. He’s dedicated to public service and has made himself readily available to voters.

Governor Bush’s goals are ones that can unite our country and bring opportunity to millennials as we begin our careers.

Louder voices and personalities may try to drown out Governor Bush and his message, but in the end, their words won’t translate into action.

I encourage you to help elect Governor Jeb Bush in 2016 because he has the record and the skills to get big things done in America. As Governor Bush himself says, he’s “running with heart, and running to win.”


Zack Brown

Campus Leader, SDSU for Jeb!

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