Letter: A response to intramurals using the softball field

In response to the article concerning intramural sports using the softball field, I would like to speak up for the multitude of intramural students who use the softball field.

To start off, San Diego State University has continuously put an importance on recreational sports and they have expanded enormously, which in turn has brought us to a point where field space is extremely limited. The Associated Students Recreation Program has done an outstanding job accommodating the many different sports teams from intramurals, sports clubs and Division I athletes.

The opportunities provided by the intramural sports program, including leagues like softball, are an important part of the college experience. Not only do these opportunities help students stay engaged on campus and be physically active but also, make new friends and reduce stress, which makes their overall collegiate experience more enjoyable.

The fall intramural softball league has been very popular with students averaging 625 students each season over the last three years, and all the players are stoked to be able to use such a great facility. The staff which runs the softball leagues makes sure different preventative measures are being taken in order to make sure the field stays in pristine condition.

For example, softball attire rules have even been modified to prohibit the use of any type of cleat in an effort to ensure the field does not get damaged. Additionally, we make sure to not coordinate any softball leagues during the spring to make sure we honor our amazing Division I softball team’s intense schedule.

To move the intramural softball league to the adjacent fields as mentioned in the article as an alternative available space would result in the flag football league being displaced with no field space and impact sports club practices, which also have very intense practice schedules.

The fall flag football league is also extremely popular with SDSU students, and has averaged over 850 students a season over the last three years with waiting lists of teams that cannot be accommodated due to limited field space on campus.

There are also seven competitive collegiate sports club programs including women’s and men’s lacrosse, soccer, ultimate frisbee and men’s rugby that practice and compete on the adjacent fields.

Fortunately, Associated Students understands the value of recreational sports on campus and the importance of having facilities accessible to students. The use of the softball field serves to support several hundred students annually and allows hundreds more to participate in other healthy activities concurrently.

Each year over 10,000 participants play in the variety of programs offered through the intramural sports program. The idea that allowing students to participate at the SDSU softball stadium is disrespectful to the softball program or that university students can’t comprehend the work done by the grounds crew is simply misguided.

As Recreation and Wellness Commissioner I promise to continue to put my full support in how important these different sports programs are for the success of students here at SDSU. We here at SDSU are one big family and we all love to be active, therefore students should have the opportunity to pursue their physically active lifestyles on our amazing recreation facilities.

Thank you to those who have taken the position that all university facilities are here to serve students as a whole, and thank you to the intramural sports program for providing such high quality programs and services that support the recreation, fitness and wellness needs of SDSU students.

Go Aztecs!

-Christopher Thomas, Commissioner of Recreation and Wellness, Associated Students

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