Letters: Campus GOP responds to Trump tape, Vote ‘Yes’ on Prop 54

This wasn’t my breaking point, but it’s time for me to speak

Donald Trump’s comments about groping and kissing women without their consent, and “grabbing them by their pussy,” were not the breaking point for my disavowing him in this election. My breaking point came many months ago. Ultimately I voted for Gov. John Kasich even though it was too late for him to win the nomination.

Trump’s comments promoting sexual assault should concern all of us. Men, women and transgender people deserve to be treated with respect and as equals, not violated because someone thinks they are a “star” and they can. As a Republican and a millennial I am livid that my party’s nominee thought it was okay to sexually assault women at any point in time. I do not support him now and I will not support him in November. I will never support him or anyone like him.

Many of us are aware of the rape culture at SDSU that is pervasive on our campus community and the effort to combat it. FRATmanners and SDPD do what they can to help bring awareness and prevent future sexual assaults. To excuse Donald Trump’s actions and words as playful banter is to turn a blind eye to the seriousness of the issue of sexual violence.

As a leader in the College Republicans, I cannot sit quietly and wait for the storm to pass. I will stand against sexual violence and my national party’s candidate, whatever the consequences. I believe this is what conservatism is. It requires standing up against what is immoral and to say that enough is enough. This is not the party of Abraham Lincoln as I know it to be and am inheriting. While the GOP has a range of other policies, it is still our job as conservatives to denounce Donald Trump in the name of human dignity and respect.

Jordan Dennison is a fourth year political science major and Chairman of the San Diego State University College Republicans.


Prop 54 will bring the California legislature into the 21st century

As the Public Relations Chair for the SDSU College Republicans, I understand the critical role technology has in our lives. Technology connects us and empowers us to have our own voice. Yet, the Legislature bans all personal recordings of legislative committee hearings.

Fortunately, an initiative on the November ballot, Proposition 54, will bring the legislature into the 21st Century and is one that both parties can get behind in order to increase transparency at the State Capitol.

Proposition 54 is simple. First, it requires all bills be posted online and in print for 72 hours prior passing out of either house. This will give legislators enough time to read each bill before the final vote.  Citizens will have time to track legislation that impacts them.  Most importantly, it will stop special interests from sneaking in last-minute backdoor provisions.

Second, Proposition 54 requires all committees open to the public be recorded and posted online. Recording committee hearings will bring the process into the light, prevent special interests from having an unchecked access to legislators and allow Californians to be involved regardless of distance or location.

Finally, Proposition 54 will end an outdated rule and allow individuals to record and post their videos of legislative proceedings. This means we can share what we see at the State Capitol on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and anywhere else on the Internet.  Our legislators are always trying to find ways to encourage civic engagement and participation; what better way than by allowing citizens to record and snap their experiences and even post on Instagram?

Please vote “Yes” on Proposition 54 this November to increase transparency and bring the legislature into the 21st century.

Vivian Herscovitz is a first year political science major and Public Relations Chair for the San Diego State University College Republicans. 

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