Fans share their thoughts on Fisher’s departure

Steve Fisher is one of the most well-known college figures to step into the coach’s box. This will be the first season since 1999 that San Diego State will play without his direction as the Aztecs transition to new head coach Brian Dutcher.

But, Fisher’s work in building a perennial basketball powerhouse on the Mesa has had a far-reaching and lasting impact on SDSU students and the community.

SDSU basketball fan and “Aztec for Life” James Brody said Fisher’s Aztecs have changed the culture and course of campus athletics.

“I think success begets success so if players are willing to come based on the reputation and triumph of the team than it just keeps going,” he said. “Not to mention the foundation money that has come in for the J.A.M. Center. It seems like a win-win.”

The success of the basketball program under Fisher led to the creation of one of the West Coast’s most memorable fan groups: The Show.

Maddie Colehower, kinesiology freshman, said SDSU’s basketball team draws fans because the games are a guaranteed good time.

“Everyone wants to come out and support the Aztecs because they know coming to the games will be a great time, seeing the success of the athletes and the environment of the crowd,” said Colehower. “I plan on going to most — if not all — of the basketball games because I’ve heard how much fun they are, how excited everyone gets, and how great our team is.”

Clark Eder, business freshman, said the team’s triumphs are shared by the whole community.
“I think it brought a winning legacy to the school,” he said. “It was big for the school to have a known coach and a known program.”

With 386 wins, 14 winning seasons, six regular season titles and eight appearances in the NCAA tournament, Fisher’s mark on Aztec Basketball will not soon be forgotten.

Producer: Mary York
Reporter: Justin Wylie

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