Senior Farewell: Alex Piscatelli

by Alex Piscatelli, Engagement Editor

I never actually thought this day would come.

I mean, I knew I wouldn’t fail all my classes or drop out or anything like that. But graduating from college and becoming an adult is one of those things that you never actually think would happen to you until it does — like dying or winning a gift basket in a raffle.

If you asked me weeks or months or a year ago how I felt about graduating, I would probably ramble off into some existential meltdown and you would try to leave the conversation as quickly as possible. Maybe it’s the fact that I finally have a plan for after college or that I’m quite literally being forced to move on, but somehow, I think I’m ready. Sure, I’m bawling while writing this. But I’d like to think Shakespeare and Mindy Kaling both shed some tears when change was thrust upon them, and they’re two of the most successful people I know.

Thank you to The Daily Aztec for always making college exciting.

Thank you to KPBS for giving me a home, a learning space, some of the best people in my life and, well, a job.

Thank you to KCR College Radio for introducing me to some of my best friends.

Thank you to the Vagina Monologues for showing me how to stand up for what’s right and giving me a love for performing (as well as not wearing a bra in public).

Thank you to my sister for inspiring me in so many ways.

Thank you to my mom for literally everything.

Thank you to my dad for encouraging me to go to SDSU in the first place. I wouldn’t be who I am without his influence. I miss him more and more every day.

This is the point where I quote Kanye West, because he tweeted a really deep quote before, you know, tweeting some other stuff. But I wrote this column before all that went down, so I think it’s okay.

He said, “Be here now. Be in the moment. The now is the greatest moment of our lives and it just keeps getting better. The bad parts the boring parts the parts with high anxiety (sic). Embrace every moment for its greatness. This is life. This is the greatest movie we will ever see.”

I’m ready to keep embracing my movie. I am the star, after all. Isn’t that glamorous?