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Aztec Market residential locations go cashless

Michael Cline
Select Aztec Market locations will no longer accept cash payments.

The Aztec Market’s residential locations are no longer accepting cash payment starting this semester.

This includes the markets located at Cuicacalli, University Towers and the newest location near Huaxyacac Hall. However, these locations still take card payments including Visa, Mastercard, SDSUcard and meal plans. 

The policy change also affects the Faculty Staff Club.

Aztec Markets located in areas  accessible to the general public will still accept cash payments.

“We’re sensitive for the middle of campus, we’re sensitive to the societal reality that not everybody has a bank account, and not everybody has cash,” Director of Dining Services Paul Melchior said.

There were two reasons behind this change: cost-saving measures and security, Melchior said.

Dining services found that less than 2% of the transactions at Aztec Markets in residential areas were cash due to a large amount of students having meal plans. 

“There’s a lot of payroll, there’s a lot of managing money, for a very little amount of transactions,” Melchior said. “So the cashier may not have had any transactions in four shifts, but every shift they have to count in and count out.”

Political science graduate student and Aztec Market Associate Ryan Reynolds said not accepting cash payments makes his job a lot easier and allows employees to have more time to close.

“It’s inconvenient for a lot of people because some people do come in with cash, but at the same time, it makes our job closing a lot easier, and it’s the direction the world is heading now with ApplePay and Venmo,” Reynolds said. “It’s honestly just a step in the direction that everyone’s already heading.”

Students on campus had varying opinions about the changes. 

Sociology freshmen Yda Dugan said the change is more convenient because she lives on campus. However, she did voice concern for those who rely on cash payments.

“I do think it might affect some people who don’t have a meal plan or a card, a separate bank account,” Dugan said. “But hopefully that will be helped by some of the other restaurants around this area.”

Management information systems junior Stephen Munoz said he works in the service industry and uses cash because of his tips.

“I think it’s kind of a bad idea, just cause I usually use cash,” Munoz said. “It would be a little inconvenient.”

Melchior said there are currently no plans to expand going cashless at the Aztec Markets in the interior of the campus. 

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Kaitlyn Little
Kaitlyn Little, News Editor
Kaitlyn is a journalism senior at San Diego State and is pursuing a career in broadcast journalism. She went to a dual enrollment high school where she attended both Academy of the Canyons and College of the Canyons, and currently holds two liberal arts associate's degrees in social sciences and math/science. Follow her on Twitter @kaitlynalittle.
Michael Cline, Assistant News Editor
Michael Cline is a second-year graduate student in the Rhetoric and Writing Studies Department. He graduated from San Diego State in 2017 with a degree in political science. He hopes to work in public media after graduation.
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Aztec Market residential locations go cashless