SNEAK PEEK: For Thermals, under the radar is overrated

by Staff

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Courtesy of The Thermals

By Maggie Pehanick, Entertainment Editor

Of the dozens of shows taking place in San Diego this weekend, The Daily Aztec would like to implore audiences to check out The Thermals.

This Oregon band has been flying below the radar of the college music scene since its formation in 2002. Its popular single “Now We Can See” introduced a new audience to the group’s low-fi-meets-fizzy-pop alternative style. The Thermals embarked on a nationwide tour following the September release of its fifth studio album “Personal Life,” which vocalist Hutch Harris said is about “falling in love and falling out of love.”

The Thermals peaked at No. 20 on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart, no small feat for a small start-up from Portland. Still, Harris is intent about expanding The Thermals’ audience.

Courtesy of KillRockStars and Motormouth Media

“Any Thermals track rated less than 10 out of 10 is underrated,” Harris said. “Which is to say that about 5 percent of Thermals songs are underrated and negative .05 percent of Thermals songs are overrated.”

Band: The Thermals

Date: Friday, Nov. 19

Place: The Casbah

Ticket Price: $12 in advance / $14 at door

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