It’s okay to let go of old friendships

by Trinity Bland, Staff Writer

Now that it is the start of a new year and a new decade, in the words of recording artist, Ariana Grande, it is time to say “thank you, next,” to friends who no longer serve a purpose in our lives. My mom once told me we have friends for certain seasons in our lives and as I grow older, I realize this truth more every day. 

I recently unfollowed and blocked a number of people from high school and other friends who I don’t talk to as much anymore. There wasn’t any terrible reason behind it besides the fact that I am evolving as a woman and I felt those people no longer needed to be closely involved in my life. 

My decision to stop watering these dead plants felt extremely liberating. I am learning that when my uncle told me only 2% of my friends would be in my life until the very end, he wasn’t lying. 

I know it can feel selfish to cut people out of your life, but not doing so can hold us back from being our best selves and living the quality of life we deserve. It isn’t easy to let go of friends and accept it, but it is more than okay for you to do your thing without them and thrive while doing it. 

As you learn life lessons, you also learn who deserves a place in your life. Every person you’ve called a friend up to this point couldn’t possibly understand the value of having access to such an evolving individual like yourself. Why continue to let them in on your journey? 

As you become more successful, the people around you may begin to act differently and could very well switch up on you. Remember, you deserve consistency in the individuals you hold close to you. 

Understanding the difference between a lifelong friendship and a right-now friendship is important. Certain people aren’t meant to be in your life forever and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Who you were in high school is not who you are in college and who you are in college is different from the person you will become throughout the rest of your life. Growing and changing is a vital part of life. If your friend is stuck in the past and refuses to grow, you don’t have to keep them in your life because they may only drag you down. Instead, let them go and give other like-minded people a chance to know you. 

When you begin to adjust your priorities, investing in certain friendships may not be at the top of the list. Instead, you may want to chase after your career more than you want to grab dinner with friends. You might want to focus on studying for an exam as opposed to going to a sporting event on a Saturday night to ensure you graduate on time. It is likely that socializing can come after the things you deem most important such as your education or career. 

Discovering new interests as you age is healthy and 100% normal. You might slowly drift away from a friend who doesn’t share those same interests. You might want a career that keeps you in one place while your friend might want to travel the world. Wanting different things in life is okay, so don’t be afraid of that — embrace it. 

Some friendships simply are not worth the effort anymore. If you are always the first one to reach out or to initiate a hangout, it’s not worth maintaining the friendship. It simply isn’t fair to you or your time. You deserve to be friends with people who will put in as much effort as you to make the connection stronger. 

True friends will always have your back. They will love, support and respect you. This will make you a better person. True friendships only come around a few times during your lifetime. Put your effort into friendships with those people. Don’t waste your time on those who aren’t worthy of your time.

Friendships are rewarding and beautiful, but when they aren’t right anymore, save yourself the stress and let them go. Even though bidding a friend farewell can be painful, everything happens for a reason. People come into our lives to either teach us a lesson or to become a lifelong friend. 

Make sure to know the difference and always stay true to yourself. Your real friends will never leave your side because people who are meant to be in your life will undoubtedly always have a place there. 

Trinity Bland is a sophomore studying journalism. Follow her on Twitter @trinityaliciaa.

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