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Screenshot of gameplay from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition on Xbox.

Decade of the Dovahkiin: Skyrim celebrates tenth anniversary

January 14, 2022

*WARNING ADVENTURERS: MODERATE SPOILERS AHEAD* “How high the mountains of Skyrim rise.” It’s been a decade since “The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim”...

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Kristen Stewart shines as Princess Diana in Spencer.

‘Spencer’ and the ties that bind

January 12, 2022

*CW: This film contains depictions of bulimia and self-harm.*  “Poor strangers, they have so much to be afraid of.”  -Shirley Jackson, “We...

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Poster for House of Gucci showing the high-profile cast starring in the film.

Hallowed be thy surname: ‘House of Gucci’ just cannot make it work

January 6, 2022

*WARNING: FATHER, SON AND MODERATE SPOILERS* When fashion house scion Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) marries Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga), they’re...

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Opinion: Excessive Marvel content is testing my loyalty

Opinion: Excessive Marvel content is testing my loyalty

November 22, 2021

I am Morgan of “The Daily Aztec”, and I am burdened with copious Marvel content. I know, I didn’t think I’d be saying this either.  The...

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She only said goodbye with words: happy anniversary Back To Black

She only said goodbye with words: happy anniversary ‘Back To Black’

November 19, 2021

Fifteen years ago, pop divas came in only one flavor: bubblegum. They were bright, usually in some shade of pink, sweet but never too sticky. Amy Winehouse’s...

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Picture of the ominous, desert-laden studio poster for Dune outside Reading Cinemas in Grossmont.

Review: ‘Dune’ overcomes its ‘unfilmable’ expectations

November 10, 2021

*WARNING: MILD SPOILERS* The phrase “‘Let’s make a movie out of ‘Dune,’” is enough to strike fear into the hearts of the brave. Adapting...

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Screenshot of flyer for Moonlight film screening hosted by the School of Journalism and Media Studies.

‘Moonlight’ and the necessity of intersectional representation

November 9, 2021

On Oct. 21, the School of Journalism and Media Studies hosted a screening of Barry Jenkins’ Oscar-winning film “Moonlight” at the Tula Community...

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Radioheads Spectre was a masterpiece, 007 missed out

Radiohead’s ‘Spectre’ was a masterpiece, 007 missed out

October 20, 2021

It’s strange how world shattering epiphanies always happen late at night. It was around 11 o’clock on a Saturday night. Earlier that day, my dad...

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No Time to Die poster displaying outside of Reading Cinemas in La Mesa, CA.

Review: Daniel Craig Clears Final Mission as 007 in ‘No Time to Die’

October 19, 2021

*WARNING: MODERATE SPOILERS* Consider James Bond shaken and stirred. When the ex-007 agent (Daniel Craig) is visited by his old friend/CIA connection...

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By Hemen Mesfin, Phillip Nguyen - Grimes, CC BY 2.0, Agência Brasil Fotografias - Simone Biles at the 2016 Olympics all-around gold medal podium (28262782114).jpg, CC BY 2.0, SIGMA - Vimeo: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, CC BY 3.0, Lil Nas X by Cosmopolitan UK is licensed with CC BY 3.0. Dvsross -, CC BY 2.0, (images altered for graphic).

United States of ‘Aesthetica’: The Met Gala returns

September 24, 2021

Now is the winter of our discount sweatpants made glorious by this comeback of couture. After a year’s absence, the Met Gala has returned with a vengeance!  On...

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Screenshot of Animal Crossing game.

Dear gamers: ‘Animal Crossing’ updates are a pain

September 22, 2021

With “Animal Crossing,” the nostalgia runs high for me.  I played the original game on the GameCube and, as a kid who was leaving others in the...

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