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Digitized: Amazon’s PC Perks, Mass Effect 3 and more

by Cody Franklin

October 19, 2011

Break out the chips and dip, crack open a ice cold soda, and press play: Digitized is here to stay! Amazon's new digital pre-order system includes great discounts Not having to spend your cash months in advan on a game ...

Digitized: Call of Duty Shocks, Sony Awes, Rage Disappoints

by Cody Franklin

October 11, 2011

Games ahoy! Here's a quick rundown of this week's video game news -- so now you can't blame midterms for being behind on video game trends.   Sony's “Michael” commercial a tearjerker Sony recently launch...

BLOGGERS: Meet Cody of Digitized

by Staff

October 5, 2011

Name: Cody Franklin Major: Public Relations Age: 21 Twitter: @cody_franklin_ Breaking the gamer stereotype: Video games – the favorite pastime of unwashed, lazy and overweight man-cave-dwellers, right? Wrong...

Digitized: Battlefield and Diablo Betas Begin

by Cody Franklin

October 5, 2011

SDSU gamers, rejoice! The first delivery of hot-off-the-presses gaming news has arrived! Battlefield 3: The hotly-anticipated shooter game revealed its latest trailer, showcasing brand-new footage of “Operation Guillotine,” the game...