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Universities should be prepared to step up if Planned Parenthood’s funding is cut

by Chloe O'Rourke, Contributor

March 22, 2017

One of the most heated current political debates concerns the issue of Planned Parenthood and female reproductive rights. Planned Parenthood has been providing services to women since 1970, but after the recent election the o...

YG politicizes Greenfest concert

by Julianna Ress, Senior Staff Writer

March 8, 2017

In 2017, the lines of politicization have been blurred to the point of nonexistence and understandably so. When the president of the United States is the ex-host of The Celebrity Apprentice, it makes perfect sense for the Grammys,...

Rape jokes have no place in political discourse

by Talia Raoufpur, Staff Columnist

March 1, 2017

Judd Apatow’s recent stand-up comedy appearance promoting a new HBO project was yet another example of blatant Hollywood hypocrisy. During his routine, Apatow took aim at the election. He said he felt like he had just been raped,...

Despite Trump, transgender youth still protected under Title IX

by Sydney Sweeney, Senior Staff Columnist

February 28, 2017

Last week President Donald Trump rescinded Department of Education instructions to public schools outlining policy meant to protect transgender students by allowing them to use restrooms that correspond with their gender identity....

OPINION: We need leadership from Republicans; not lip service

by Pabel Lopez, Contributor

February 1, 2017

These so-called leaders must be held accountable, either at the ballot box or in the courts.