The Daily Aztec

Drive into times past at South Bay theater

by Kambra Potter

January 30, 2012

Oh, the iconic 1950s. Complete with poodle skirts, sock hops, Elvis Presley and soda fountains, the ‘50s provided Americans with unprecedented forms of entertainment. While many fads of the ‘50s have merely existed i...

Home exchange sites unlock adventure

by Sofia Casillas

January 18, 2012

Imagine the experience that could be gained from approaching a foreign city as a local instead of as a tourist. Home exchange programs are one way to make this a reality. The idea is simple: Through online exchange sites, an adventure seeker from one city can open his or her home and connect with like-minded trave...

Affordable adventures await savvy travelers

by Sandra De La Torre

December 8, 2011

With the semester coming to an end, it’s time to think about how to enjoy the upcoming weeks of freedom. With so much time available, the possibilities for travel and exploration are endless, even for students on a budget. STA Travel has affordable deals for students who wish to travel to anothe...

Find gold and gems throughout San Diego

by Sandra De La Torre

November 21, 2011

Just because the California Gold Rush has passed doesn’t mean the hunt for treasure is complete. Whether individuals would rather experience a day in the life of an 1800s San Diego miner or embark on adventures of their own...

Encounter chills and thrills at local haunts

by Sandra De La Torre

October 20, 2011

The scariest time of the year is finally here. As Halloween nears, it’s time to prepare costumes, eat too much candy and get a little spooked. One way to enjoy the holiday is to check out some of San Diego’s best haunted houses. Thrill seekers have a variety of frightening options within reasonable driving distance. The lo...

Peer into infinity at local stargazing spots

by Sofia Casillas

October 13, 2011

Living in San Diego has its ups and downs. The beach is always accessible and wonderful landmarks, such as the Cabrillo National Monument and Mount Soledad, are never too far away. However, nothing is perfect. According to Time magazine, San Diego ranked No. 10 in America’s most polluted cities, tied with...

Local parks offer great picnic options

by Staff

September 15, 2011

Our fair city boasts a wealth of parks to enjoy the San Diego sun. Beyond the crowded beaches and tourist havens, a number of hidden gems provide parkgoers with peaceful surroundings and impressive vistas. Nestled on a hillside overlooking Pacific Beach, Kate O. Sessions Memorial Park...

Local comedy circuit is always a riot

by John Anderson

September 15, 2011

Sadly, with Los Angeles only two hours away, many big name comedians choose to skip San Diego on their national tours. While the occasional big name does come through town, San Diego isn’t exactly a world-renowned comedy center. Luckily, the city does have a thriving local co...

Enjoy an adventure at Cowles Mountain

by Samantha Hirsch

September 15, 2011

Between the classes, clubs, organizations, sports teams and Greek life offered at San Diego State, life can potentially become somewhat chaotic for the average student. A great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of college life is to experience the wonders of Cowles ...

Plug into San Diego indie at the Soda Bar

by Courtney Rogin

September 15, 2011

Somewhere on the fringes of North Park to the east sits a small bar on El Cajon Boulevard hosting the best non-widely known music this side of Interstate 805. This magical indie wonderland called Soda Bar is located at the corne...

Disc golf an inexpensive way to relax outside

by Chris Pocock

September 15, 2011

Two of our country’s greatest pastimes — golfing and Frisbee — are entertaining, but have their downsides. Combine the two, however, and it creates the best of both worlds — minus the stylish golfing pants. Within the last few years, Frisbee golfing has solidified itself as San Diego’s latest at...

Drinkabout gives free rides to premier bars

by Andrew Younger

September 15, 2011

While the brown, hoofed animal repository known as the San Diego Zoo and the killer whale detention center called SeaWorld have long brought national renown to America’s Finest City, San Diego’s craft beer scene has grown to prominence in recent years as a premier brewing l...