New hobbies to try for making the most out of quarantine


Sofia Longo

Painting by numbers is a fun activity people can do inside during quarantine.

by Sofia Longo, Staff Writer

As a college student who doesn’t attend physical classes anymore, I have a lot of time on my hands. It’s incredibly easy to be complacent during quarantine because almost all activities have become limited. 

However, some form of productivity can really make a difference in your day. Now is the time to branch out and discover new hobbies and activities while at home. Productivity, big or small, is important to make your day feel worthwhile.

Here is a list of productive activities that can bring more purpose into your life while under quarantine. 


Painting has become my savior during quarantine because it is incredibly therapeutic and takes up a lot of time. I’m not good at drawing by any means, so I love to order paint by number sets off of Amazon. Sets come with paint, brushes and a canvas. Whether you want to take this route, or just paint free-handed, painting is a great hobby to quickly pass the time. 

Making Slime

Making slime sounds … a little juvenile. But, don’t underestimate how entertaining this activity can be. There are many online slime recipes waiting to be made. Pick your colors, throw in some glitter and have some fun being a kid! This is also great to do with younger siblings. 

Selling Your Clothes Online 

If you’re looking to make some extra money, or just desperately need to organize your closet, selling your clothes online is the way to go. There are so many apps on the market such as Poshmark, Mercari and Depop you can use to easily sell your clothes. Presentation is key, so take the time to snap cute photos of your clothes. If you advertise on your social media, they could have a better chance of selling. 


I’ve always been an avid journaler, but during the semester it was hard to find time to write. Now at home, I can take more time to write which really helps to organize my thoughts. Even if you think writing isn’t for you, give it a shot! It’s so fun to look back on things you wrote years ago that you have completely forgotten about. Especially with the pandemic, it will be interesting to look back on your experience. 

Baking Sweet Treats

Longo tried baking some banana bread and loved the result.

If you want to become a master baker, now is the time to learn. There are endless sweet options to bake in the kitchen. Baking banana bread seems to be a big trend, so I had to try it myself. The end result was super yummy. I definitely recommend looking up a recipe online. If you add chocolate chips, it will make it even better! But, if banana bread isn’t your favorite, classic chocolate chip cookies will never fail. 

Weights and Yoga 

Even though gyms and fitness studios are closed, taking the time to exercise is extremely important for people who want to stay active. If you have weights at home, many fitness influencers on Instagram have great at-home workouts posted on their profiles. If you don’t, yoga is a great way to stretch and get your heart flowing. Yoga can also help release stress and tension. Working out, even just a little, can help you sleep at night if your sleep schedule has been shifted. 

Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring. Starting a new hobby is a great way to keep your mind and body engaged and active. Plus, with all the time we have now, we can use it for hobbies we have always wanted to try.