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Column: New year, new fashion trends. Here’s what’s currently trending in the fashion world

2020 was an interesting year for fashion. With nowhere to go due to the pandemic, dressing up and putting together a full outfit was put on hold as comfy loungewear became the everyday look for most people.

However, the new year is here and people are starting to up their stay-at-home attire as a way to feel more productive and ready for the day’s tasks. Whether it be to attend a Zoom meeting for work or school, run an errand, or simply “pose for the gram,” here are the major trends people are wearing these days.

Monochrome Outfits   

Screenshot of First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris sporting their colorful monochrome looks, via Vogue Magazine on Instagram. (Getty Images)

Monochrome, outfits consisting of only one color, is a big trend people are currently taking hold of, especially after the monochromatic outfits we saw from key women at President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, former First Lady Michelle Obama and the Biden granddaughters all sported simple, yet stunning monochromatic outfits. The colors ranged from blue, purple, burgundy, pink, camel brown and white.

Nearly every color on the color wheel was represented as poet Amanda Gorman was seen in a knee-length yellow coat and Meena Harris, the niece of Vice President Harris, wore an emerald green dress. Lady Gaga’s long, red flowy skirt graced the Inauguration Day outfit lineup as well.

After the somber year we’ve had, color is definitely in. Dressing in these fun, colorful monochromatic outfits seem to offer hope and optimism for this new year.

Sweater Vests

Anna Williams styled in a sweater vest and long sleeve button up combination (Photo credit: Anna Williams).

Usually paired with a long-sleeved button-up or short-sleeved polo shirt underneath, this trend is taking Instagram and Tik Tok by storm.

The sweater vest and polo shirt duo emulate a very 90’s and preppy aesthetic, especially if you can snag an argyle, houndstooth or cable-knit sweater vest. Although this trend may feel outdated to some, it’s a fun way to layer and feel very sophisticated and chic. Sweater vests with funky and quirky designs are also very popular at the moment.

These pieces are quite the hot commodity, but thrift stores, specifically in the men’s section, are usually where you can find the best original sweater vests.


Checkered, floral and cow print styled together (Photo credit: Lisa Says Gah on Instagram).

Cow print, checkered-print, floral print, stripes, whatever it may be, prints are appearing on all clothing pieces and accessories such as bags, shoes and hats.

Prints are a fun way to transform a basic outfit and liven it up. Usually most people play it safe by only incorporating one print into their outfit, however, mixing two different prints has been a rising trend as well.

Perhaps this trend of experimenting with prints is a way of making up for the lack of trendy outfits worn last year. Regardless of the reason, this trend is exciting, expressive and enthralling.


Anna Williams wearing a corset over a graphic long sleeve shirt. (Photo credit: Anna Williams)

Another fun trend that’s back in style is corset tops. These vintage looking tops are quite the statement piece and elevate an outfit.

Anna Williams, international business sophomore and member of San Diego State’s F*** Fast Fashion club, said she never thought corsets would be back in style, but has enjoyed finding ways to incorporate this piece into her outfits.

“[A corset] caught my eye at a local vintage store and I just had to buy it,” Williams said. “It highlights your figure in a great way and makes you feel so confident.”

Layering a corset on top of a blouse or t-shirt makes for a unique look, but wearing it on its own is just as fun.

Matching Sets

Aleah Jarin wearing a vintage, silk matching set. (Aleah Jarin)

Whether it be a matching sweatsuit, loungewear set or matching knit cardigan and top, wearing pieces that go together are very much in style.

Not only do matching sets automatically make you look more put together, but you don’t have to waste any time on choosing an outfit for the day as it’s practically already picked out for you.

Comfort is also a big pro of partaking in this trend, depending on the set. An outfit that doesn’t take a lot of effort to style and that’s comfortable, yet stylish is always a plus.

Looking Ahead 

Some other popular trends that are worth mentioning include: statement jewelry such as necklaces, rings and earrings, leather jackets and large faux fur buckets hats.

With a full year still ahead of us, who knows what fashion trends will pop up later this year and which current trends will be here to stay.

“I’m looking forward to trying some new trends such as sequins, leg warmers, headscarves, fringe, mesh, and distressed knitwear,” Williams said.

Business management senior and president of SDSU’s Fashion Fiends club Alexya See added, “I’ve noticed that the ladies have been coming with the sleek and sexy this year and it’s most definitely a trend I’ve been trying to tap into myself.”

“I haven’t seen any new hair trends but when I do, I most definitely want to try them out,” See said.

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Column: New year, new fashion trends. Here’s what’s currently trending in the fashion world