Production Night: AS election season is here and other news…

Season 2, Episode 2


Brenden Tuccinardi

Production Night is The Daily Aztec’s weekly news podcast that is pulling back the curtain on San Diego State’s student newsroom. Writers, editors and guests will discuss the week’s biggest stories and invite listeners into the action.

by Katelynn Robinson, Alexa Oslowki, and Sara Rott

Applications for Associated Students positions closed today kicking off an election that is anything but ordinary. The entirely virtual environment presents unique challenges, especially when trying to get students to vote. While turnout is usually low at SDSU (20% of the student body in 2017) last year brought new lows. However, this year election officials are working hard to get the word out and improve upon the record low 9.5% turnout in 2020. Also, on this week’s episode, hosts Katelynn Robinson and Alexa Oslowski talk credit/no credit academic relief, student loan payments, and a newly proposed pathway for community college transfers in California.

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