Why summertime is perfect to kindle romance

by Trinity Bland, Managing Editor

“It can be argued people just want to explore more in the summertime — whether it’s a ‘staycation’ at a local beach or taking a scenic drive up the gorgeous California coast, who wouldn’t want to have those experiences with their new beauty or beau?”

They say love strikes when you least expect it but there is something special about summer love. 

This could be due to the popularity of easily-desirable summer romances in films, television shows and novels. It could also be the hot weather, which is ideal for spending hours at the beach with a boo thing. 

While summer romances have a reputation for turning into “flings,” there are factors that deem summer relationships far superior to winter relationships. 

Lately, it has become common to have a “hot girl summer” — a term coined by rapper Megan Thee Stallion in 2019 — who says it is an all-inclusive expression that exudes energy aligned with being “hot,” doing what you want when you want, all while having a good time. 

The rapper has continued to advocate the aforementioned, but in showing the possibility of having a good partner by your side to support the “hot girl” lifestyle, the phrase evolved to include those who desire a romantic partner.

Fans have followed the rapper’s lead and pursued their own romantic ventures — all while maintaining their hot girl status. They have also jokingly questioned the “soft love” in the summer air rather than the usual hardcore hot girl energy, blaming this change on the rapper for openly showing affection to her boyfriend, producer Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine.

Engaging in a new relationship can provide exhilarating fun and memorable experiences that cannot be had in other seasons the same way it can in the summer and here’s why:

1. It’s easier to come up with date ideas (and for people to follow through on them).

Summer, more than any other season, inspires creativity and a willingness to try new things. 

Date ideas can be fun to plan at any time of year but there are more options to choose from during the summer. 

It also may not be as difficult to schedule quality time with a significant other because you’re not attending to demands of a typical semester. Therefore, maintaining dating momentum is almost too easy.

2.There aren’t any upcoming major holidays to worry about.

Summer holidays are usually centered around a grill to cook and enjoy good food, fireworks to watch while cuddling with your partner or live music to dance to with someone special. There aren’t concerns of inviting them to a Halloween party and coordinating costumes, deciding to ring in the New Year together or agonizing over sentimental items to give them for Valentine’s Day. 

These are all important considerations new relationships will inevitably encounter, but in summer relationships, those come much later after its fresh start. 

Summer is simple. Nine times out of ten, all you need is a popsicle to uplift your mood — not to mention, sharing one with a new flame can be dreamy. 

3.The sex is hotter, or in other words, better.

Scientists believe our moods improve when we spend more time in the sunshine. San Diegans are fortunate to experience the relatively consistent 70-degree weather but generally speaking, the summer sunshine hits differently. 

When our serotonin levels rise, so does our sex drive, confirming the fact that you do become hornier in the summertime. Your sexual frustration may be at an all-time high right now opposed to how it may look and feel throughout different times of the year. 

Taking care of your sexual health should be a top priority, and starting a summer relationship can be a satisfying solution.

4.There are opportunities to travel with your new significant other.

This may not be possible during the semester for college students since we are some of the busiest people on the planet, but summertime is the perfect opportunity to release pent up anxiety, stress and brain fatigue. A vacation can ease your mind and one with your new partner can soothe your soul like nothing else. 

It can be argued people just want to explore more in the summertime — whether it’s a “staycation” at a local beach or taking a scenic drive up the gorgeous California coast, who wouldn’t want to have those experiences with their new beauty or beau?

This also gives you a chance to see who they truly are as a person because personalities never fail to make an award-winning appearance during a lengthy vacation. 

5.It’s also okay to just have a summer fling.

People’s schedules are more flexible in the summer — which gives many the opportunity to stay out later than usual. It’s only natural for schedules to pick back up when summer ends, making romantic rendezvouses harder.  

Coming off a summer-romance high can tempt one to look ahead to autumn (also known to millennials as  “cuffing season”) to debate whether pursuing something more serious with their summer bae is in the cards or if it should just be something to tuck away in their summer memories. 

Romance, in general, is always something that adds a bit of spice to your life and getting to know people in this fashion can honestly be a hit or miss. More importantly, summer relationships are inherently their own entity and, take it from me, they add an extra layer of fun to life — which you can never have too much of.

Trinity Bland is a senior studying television, film, media and Spanish. Follow her on Twitter @trinityaliciaa.