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San Diego Watercolor Society hosts ‘Lazy Days’ exhibition

Ryan Hardison
The San Diego Watercolor Society hosts new shows for members every month, each with a new theme.

The San Diego Watercolor Society recently wrapped up their month-long “Lazy Days” virtual art exhibition. The show was available online from Aug. 6.  to Sept. 2 and featured very talented artists who prominently use water mediums to create their masterpieces. 

Every month, the group organizes new shows and artists must be members of The San Diego Watercolor Society to be included in the show. Each competition has a juror, who is usually an established local (or international) painter, and they decide the winners of the commendations (awards).

The society’s Member Show Director Gabriel Stockton has been in his position since Oct. 2020 and says participation from spectators who come into the gallery also plays an important part in the award selection. 

“When people come to visit the gallery, we have these little paper ballots and people can fill out what their favorite piece in the gallery is and that’s how the Viewer’s Choice is decided,” Stockton said.

The event was free for public viewing and the paintings were made available to purchase and ship. Upon purchase, acquired paintings were shipped to the buyer unframed and unmatted. 

The juror of this year’s “Lazy Days” competition was award-winning artist Robin Erickson. She provided commentary on the paintings that were her favorites, as well as giving honorable mentions and awards. 

The exhibit was set up as a carousel viewing, in which people could click through the paintings as well as see the artist’s name and description of the art. Many of the works incorporated a common theme of relaxation. However, not one painting was alike and they all captured different uses of the water-based mediums. 

The first-place award was given to Peggy Weiner, for her painting titled “Anna.” This painting is a 16 inches by 11 inches portrait of a woman’s face, made up of neutral colors. She uses many different water-based mediums in all of her art pieces, ranging from gouache to watercolor pencil.

Artist Jan Min was awarded second place for a piece called “Fishing Boat.” This monochromatic painting exemplifies the theme of “Lazy Days”. The painting is made up of blacks, whites and greys. It shows a silhouette of two men on a fishing boat. The backdrop behind them looks eerie as if fog is rolling in over them. 

In third place was Thomas Franco’s 14 by 11 inches watercolor “Quiet Cove.” This intricate painting is of a cove with houses in the background. Since becoming a member of the San Diego Watercolor Society, Franco has won multiple awards, including the first-place award for their December 2020 show. 

Angela Westengard was awarded Best of Theme for her painting “The Wait.” This picture portrays a person sitting in a cafe with a cup of coffee. From the viewer’s perspective, the eyes in the painting seem to be looking up in a subtle yet inviting way. The painting goes along with the “Lazy Days” theme, with the subject drinking a cup of coffee and relaxing. 

Many of the other artists received honorable mentions. Paintings ranged from portraits to pieces of abstract works. One of the most memorable honorable mention paintings was “Redheads” by Lyudmila Tomova. This painting is of a man fading into a dragon – it pulls together the use of bright reds, yellows, and oranges which make the painting pop. 

Overall, there were five juror commendations given and five honorable mentions. 

Even though the “Lazy Days” virtual exhibit has now come to an end, the San Diego Watercolor Society is now exhibiting the 2021 September “Beyond Rules” Member Exhibition. Stockton says this upcoming year will have 11 physical shows, four virtual shows and an international show in October. The paintings from “Lazy Days” are available to view and purchase virtually at

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Ryan Hardison, Arts & Culture Editor
Ryan Hardison is a senior studying journalism, sociology and history.
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San Diego Watercolor Society hosts ‘Lazy Days’ exhibition