How to apply and qualify for the disability parking passes


Noelani Sapla

Students can apply for disability parking online. Students who meet certain requirements may get their parking fees waived.

by Sara Rott, Senior Staff Writer

Parking at San Diego State can be a nightmare for any student trying to make it to class on time. 

In order for students to park on campus, a permit, that can be purchased from the parking portal, is required. Those who choose to also have the option to use a pay station or pay by phone. 

For those who have disabilities, Student Ability Success Center offers help in many areas to assist students, this includes parking. 

According to SDSU Parking and Transportation website, disability parking areas are reserved for those persons with a valid Department of Motor Vehicles issued placard or plate and must purchase a parking permit.

SASC offers this alternative for disabled students so they can access campus without having to pay.

This application is provided by the success center where students can fill out the waiver. They’re asked about the size of their household and if they receive financial aid.

Similar to receiving financial aid, if the income does not exceed the amount indicated on the criteria form, the waiver should be approved. 

“The eligibility criteria is California state university-wide and therefore the form is used at all CSU campuses,” Aros wrote in an email. The 2019-2020 form is being updated for 2021.

Title IV of the Federal Higher Education Act of 1965, amended those who possess a license plate or placard issued by the state of California’s DMV. The college’s president shall establish procedures for meeting such needs by providing financial aid or by issuing a campus parking fee waiver.

“The waiver is related to disability students who cannot pay the regular fees,” Director of SASC Erica Aros said.  “Disability students do not pay for what everyone else is being charged.” 

According to Aros, the SASC is responsible for verifying if the student is eligible for disability parking. If the disabled student is allowed the free parking permit, then SASC contacts director of parking and transportation Debbie Richeson. 

“I issue the permit but I don’t decide how and what and whom and that category,” Richardson  said.

It’s her job to make sure students who are eligible are put on a list so they are not charged, as long as their DMV plate or place card is in view.

Richeson has said there has been no reported issues with parking so far this semester.