Gameday & Pretzels? Pretzels & Pints has you covered

Pretzels & Pints has an outdoor patio.

by Eva Handojo, Contributor

There is nothing like the sights and smells you inhale on game day. The sweet celebration of drinking beer and taking a bite of a salty, soft pretzel in the depths of a roaring crowd, is what takes watching a live game to a whole new level.

Some of their puffy pretzels in their display. (Eva Handojo)

Pretzels & Pints, a local American sports bar and restaurant located in the very heart of North Park, is a family-friendly venue that provides a game day experience to all its valued customers. They are known for their variety of soft pretzels inspired by the great traditions of New York, Philadelphia, and Munich, Germany as well as their game day snacks and pretzel-related concoctions. Their pretzels are supplied by a San Diego pretzel company but their top seller, the Philadelphia Soft Pretzel, is exclusively made for their restaurant. 

The mouth-watering pretzels are definitely something to try in honor of football season.

As soon as you walk in, there is an instant vibe of people casually hanging out and having a good time. You are greeted with friendly staff and the rustic ambiance of twinkling lights and wooden park benches. The outdoor patio is a kid-friendly place to hang out, watch the game, and enjoy the company of friends and family. 

For all you football loving fans right now, you will be happy to know that Sundays are dedicated to all your favorite teams. “Oh ya… Sundays get really packed and rowdy. It’s a lot of fun,” Vivian, an employee at Pretzels & Pints said. 

A neon sign inside of Pretzels & Pints. (Eva Handojo)

The six sets of TV’s are turned on for your entertainment with a choice to sit directly at the barstools or out back on the patio. They have game day specials to fill all your needs, and the restaurant and bar transforms into an enjoyable hang out for one large community all year round! You are able to sit back and watch your favorite sports teams while enjoying a delicious meal and beer in hand. 

The ordering process is very COVID-19 safe, as you are able to view the menu on your phone through a scan of a QR code. All the possible intriguing options can leave one feeling absolutely stumped!

The various pretzels are the perfect appetizer to snack during a game or fill your hunger just enough. If you’re looking for a light, tasty snack then the pretzel puffs are the way to go. They are lightly salted pretzel dough balls but for all the sweet tooths out there, make sure to ask for the special twist! It is topped with a spritz of cinnamon sugar and honey!

A fan favorite, the famous Philadelphia pretzel, inspired by Philadelphia’s popular tradition, is a figure eight shaped pretzel with a thicker, doughier consistency. It is served with a side of beer cheese and the options of honey, dijon, and spicy mustard. 

The Cali Club sandwich is served with chips and a pickle.

If you are looking for something to fill your belly up, The Cali Club sandwich is another classic at Pretzels & Pints. The sandwich is served on a toasted pretzel roll consisting of turkey, pepper jack cheese, crispy bacon and avocado spread. To top it all off, it is served with a pickle and a bag of potato chips.

If you like your pretzels fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside like I do, Pretzels & Pints delivered! Both pretzel dishes added a kick of flavor with their special beer cheese dip taking you back into that game day nostalgia. The Cali Club was my personal favorite with a kick of lime in the avocado spread, adding to the perfect salty balance of the pretzel roll. 

Whether you are looking for a fun-loving community to enjoy the game or a chill place to pig out with your friends and family, Pretzels & Pints is a great place to have a great time!