Public relations student emphasizes modeling with an ethical purpose


Photo courtesy of Rain Garcia

Rain Garcia aims to live a healthy lifestyle free of judgment.

by Flower Smith, Senior Staff Writer

Rain, rain go away, that’s what all her haters say. 

Rain Garcia, a public relations sophomore, enjoys photoshoots, authenticity, and finding new and innovative ways to avoid creative burnout while pursuing a career in the social media realm. 

Garcia’s fascination and involvement with social media began in middle school, when she began having photoshoots with friends to post on social media. Little did she know, her social media status would rise to a micro-influencer level. 

Her social media following rocketed during her junior year of high school, with her TikTok account. 

“I started making videos where I would just show what I would wear to school because I’ve always really been into fashion and I never really was one of those people that cared what other people thought,” Garcia said. “I would wear full-out outfits at eight in the morning and people on the internet seemed to resonate with that and like it.” 

When it comes to being a young woman in the fashion and modeling world, it can be challenging because of the present stigmas. Garcia said it’s important to look at the modeling industry and realize where it needs to be changed. 

Creating an authentic platform discussing the importance of transparency within the modeling community is something Garcia said she is passionate about, along with breaking barriers and stereotypes in the modeling community. Knowing her self-worth and not agreeing to unrealistic expectations when it comes to physical appearance is crucial to her because living a healthy lifestyle is important for both the mind and body.

Through modeling Rain Garcia has found an exciting niche.
Through modeling Rain Garcia has found an exciting niche. (Photo courtesy of Rain Garcia)

Garcia is an advocate online for body positivity and inclusivity for the modeling industry because of social pressures to look a certain way and she says the stereotypical beauty standards can jeopardize anyone’s mental health.  

“Genetically, I will just never look like Kendall Jenner, no matter how hard I work and what I eat, and I think being really open about that online and having a platform and using your voice is so important,” Garcia said. 

This mindset has transformed the way in which Garcia interacts with others on social media because representation is important to her. 

The knowledge Garcia has gained over the years with her experience of modeling, social media and her schooling has led her to think about her future while continuing to be active in something she loves and is passionate about. 

“I’m not going to be a model or an influencer forever and I can take what I’m learning from that and apply it to PR in the future, which is what I want to do,” Garcia said. “Even being like a talent manager and managing someone like me and showing them how to do that, is something I definitely wanna do.”

When trying to gain a social media following, working hard is an understatement and can be overwhelming. However, Garcia says being yourself and finding your niche is what works the best in social media and creating authenticity on the internet.