Aztec Voice: End of year embarrassing stories

by Jade Camp and Ariana Mardani

As another academic school year comes to an end, we decided to ask students what were some highlights of their time at San Diego State, whether they were interesting, endearing or just straight up embarrassing. Students decided to remain anonymous for this story, but the stories were too good not to share:  

Third year criminal justice major  

“I’ve witnessed my roommate be absolutely down bad for this one girl and every time I see them there’s something going on. They’ve broken up and gotten back together more times than I can remember, it’s absolutely insane. This past weekend I saw her in my apartment, and I was super confused because last time I spoke with him, he was telling me all about how he was never going to see her again. I left for a bit but when I came back I just heard her singing in the shower with my roommate, and it did not sound good, that’s for sure. I went up to my other roommates and we were just laughing about the whole situation.”

Third year mechanical engineering major 

“It was probably a year ago, but I was just skating and I thought I saw someone I knew so I wasn’t paying full attention to what was in front of me. I was squinting and looking all around trying to figure out if that person was who I thought it was and ended up going over those skateline bumps on campus. I flew and completely face planted, and the person I was focusing on just laughed and didn’t say anything. They ended up being a complete stranger, and just so happened to look like the person I knew.”

First year kinesiology major  

“One time my friends and I all went to Balboa, and we all looked really cute and dressed up because we were going to this art museum. When we got there, we started walking down these stairs and they were really slippery. It was a marble staircase, huge, right in the middle of the whole museum, like that’s what you see when you first walk in! And I was wearing my Doc Martens and slipped real bad. I tried saving myself, but I ended up falling down like seven stairs, head first, landing on my glasses and knocking down a bunch of fake candles. I sort of fell in slow motion too. The security guard came over and was like, ‘Oh my god, are you okay? You should take the elevator next time,’ then laughed and said, ‘I’m sure we have that on film, that’s so embarrassing!’ I was like, ‘Thank you, thank you.’ 

Fourth year kinesiology major 

“I guess my most embarrassing story was… freshman year, when I first got my car. I was pulling up into one of the parking lots and accidentally hit the car next to me and it caused my whole bumper to rip off. The more damage was to my car than the other person’s, but I was so embarrassed that I went up to the next floor and parked right above them then left for class. I never found out if they ever noticed or not.”

Well, students, these stories definitely helped end this year with a laugh!

Ariana Mardani is a sophomore studying kinesiology.

Jade Camp is a junior studying communication