University Police reports armed robbery on campus

Report comes after suspect’s arrest


Sofia Longo

Eureka! at South Campus Plaza.

by Daesha Gear, Staff Writer

San Diego State University released a campus-wide email on Oct. 4 reporting an armed robbery at 5100 Block of College Avenue, an American-influenced restaurant located at the South Campus Plaza.

The incident occurred at 7:46 p.m. when a perpetrator, identified as a 5-foot-4 male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and black pants, approached an individual with a gun and demanded their belongings with the weapon pointed directly at the person’s chest. 

No shots were fired by the alleged perpetrator, and the victim did not endure any injuries during the confrontation. However, some of their personal belongings, such as their backpack, were taken as the armed suspect fled the area immediately.

George Howard, a third-year geology exchange student from England, was curious to see the increasing number of police cars at Eureka!, and strolled past the restaurant. He recounts his experience of walking to Eureka! that night.

“It was scary because (we) don’t have guns in England,” Howard said. “So… it’s just different because there are no guns where I’m from.”

As of right now, the San Diego State University Police Department has not identified an exact person of interest, and the suspect remains at large. 

The lack of information for university police to pinpoint the suspect allegedly responsible for the robbery makes Parmis Behmardi, a second-year accounting major, feel vigilant as a student.

“I think that is really unsafe, and stuff like this (crime) does happen, especially with car break-ins,” she said.

Behmardi proposes for SDSU, an open campus, to have more security monitoring at each location. 

The armed robbery taking place on SDSU property is causing students to have conflicted opinions regarding if they feel safe on campus.

 Howard, who has been studying at the university for one month, still feels safe due to there being one reported armed robbery on the campus. 

Rebeca Pinto, a third-year marketing major, feels unsure regarding her safety at SDSU, but she remains optimistic about the university police department investigation of this case. 

“I have faith in our police department, and I know they will take care of the situation,” Pinto said. 

Eureka! has remained open for SDSU and the general public despite the occurrence of the armed robbery. 

University police are still investigating this incident, and if anyone has any follow-ups with information regarding this matter, contact them at (619) 594-1991 or

San Diego State University Police Department issued a campus-wide email, announcing an error and arrest regarding the suspect responsible for the armed robbery on Oct. 4.

University police also issued an error regarding the location where the robbery occurred. 

Detectives determined the Eureka! restaurant was not the actual location of the reported crime as said in the timely warning crime bulletin released on Oct. 4, which said the location took place at the Eureka! restaurant, mainly its patio.

As of now, the location has not been fully specified as the email states, “the incident did not occur at Eureka! restaurant, but at an area located near the 5100 Block of College Avenue.”

The perpetrator is reported to be in police custody and will be charged with the crimes committed.

Although the alleged suspect has been caught, university police will continue investigating this incident, and if anyone has any follow-ups with information regarding this matter, contact the University police at (619) 594-1991 or

3:09 p.m. Oct. 14, 2022: This story has been updated with additional information.