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San Diego State launches new information system for students and faculty

Students and faculty will have access to both old and new systems until all services are fully available on my.SDSU
Jessica Parga
A student looks at the WebPortal website that states all updated student information will be moved to My.SDSU.

San Diego State University began the final transition from the current student information system, WebPortal to the new my.SDSU information system on Oct.1. The transition period will conclude at 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 23, when all student information systems are activated on my.SDSU.

SDSU President Adela de la Torre originally announced the project in May of 2019. An August 2019 article published by the SDSU NewsCenter outlined the initiative’s goals, “the my.SDSU project is meant to improve productivity and agility in the use of mobile and digital technologies, as the university identifies new and different ways of utilizing data to serve and meet the needs of students.”

Between Oct. 1 and Oct. 10, data will be ‘frozen’ on WebPortal, meaning students can still view their academic records but cannot make any changes to them. Data will not be updated as SDSU is synchronizing data from WebPortal to my.SDSU during this period.

Beginning on Oct. 10, students will be able to access my.SDSU  for student self-services such as financial aid data and bill payments.

WebPortal will remain available to students through Oct. 24, though only select services will be accessible. Students will have access to degree evaluations, enrollment verification, and both official and unofficial transcripts via WebPortal until Oct. 24.

During the outlined transition period, students will be unable to make updates to their student records. No late adds, withdrawals, grade changes, major changes can be made during this time. Students will have the opportunity to update their student records on Oct. 24, when my.SDSU is fully implemented.

The my.SDSU project implemented a people-centric adoption strategy that will “maintain a strategic approach and tasks to ensure acceptance support and commitment from the SDSU community for the implementation.”

Despite the implementation of an innovative new student information system, not all students feel that the change is necessary. 

Senior biology major Shaine Wraith does not think the previous system, WebPortal, needed fixing. 

“It seemed to work fine to me, I could always find everything I needed (on WebPortal),” said Wraith.

my.SDSU is a ‘PeopleSoft’ integrated software system and student management information system provided by Oracle. PeopleSoft is used by all CSU campuses and many corporations across the country.

According to the FAQ page on the my.SDSU website, PeopleSoft is a student management information system designed to enhance the way students interact with the university.

Among other well-known institutions and corporations, PeopleSoft applications are used by KaiserPermanente, Alaska Airlines and Domino’s Pizza.

De la Torre added that the my.SDSU project will “reaffirm the university’s commitment to strengthening its information technology resources, cyber security, and data integrity.”

As part of the my.SDSU transition, SDSU will move to a new identification numbering system. New ID numbers will be issued to Fall 2023 admits, though students and faculty who entered the SDSU system before Fall 2023 will be able to continue using their Local Campus ID, also known as RedID.

Each student will have three ID types associated with their student accounts: RedID, EMPLID and SDSUid. Student’s EMPLID will be a my.SDSU-specific number that starts with a number one and will show up as an ID in my.SDSU.

RedIDs will be phased out over time, beginning with Fall 2023 admits.

As outlined on the SDSU website, all historical data will be archived in WebPortal, not deleted, or destroyed.

A host of my.SDSU training guides and video tutorials are available for students and faculty on the my.SDSU website. These training modules are available to assist my.SDSU users navigate the new system.

Google Suite, Handshake, HealtheConnect, OnBase, SDSU Email, SDSU Navigate and Aztec Scholarships will all remain independent suites for students and faculty, and will not be accessible via my.SDSU.

Registration for spring 2023 will begin on Nov. 28 via my.SDSU.

Though this transition is a complex overhaul of an existing student management information system, San Diego State hopes my.SDSU will “transform the experience prospective and enrolled students have at SDSU.”

For questions and concerns regarding the complex transition from WebPortal to my.SDSU you can email or reach out to your my.SDSU Change Ambassador.

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San Diego State launches new information system for students and faculty