SDSU Aztec Nights

by Bill Crotty

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Aztec Nights is here again, starting this Friday, to give students a few days of free nighttime excitement. The program started in fall 2008 and has continued to be a welcoming event at the beginning of each semester.

This semester, the event will take place throughout five weeks and includes a big-name concert, a campus carnival, a local block party and many more activities. The first event is the staple Templo del Sol outside of Hepner Hall at 9 p.m. this Friday where students can meet fellow classmates, learn the fight song and participate in traditions at San Diego State.

This event is one where students every year meet new people, find new friends and learn more about SDSU.

“The first few weeks of each new semester are important times to build campus culture and teach healthy behaviors,” Director of Student Life and Leadership Randy Timm said during a previous Aztec Night. “Freshmen, especially, may be away from home for the first time and testing the boundaries of their newly found freedom.”

Aztec Nights provides students with safer, really fun social alternatives.”


-Compiled by News Editor Bill Crotty