Associated Students host Q&A for those interested in running for 2023-2024 elections

The current leaders of San Diego State University share the highs and lows of their job


Gabriel Schneider

Vice President of Financial Affairs Sophia Koch shares here experience in a leadership role.

by Gabriel Schneider, Editor in Chief

To an audience of over 40 visitors, seven Associated Student members spoke on Wednesday at the Union Theatre about what they had learned from their positions.

The questions ranged from how to run a good campaign to the difficulties of working as a leader for the campus. Many responses emphasized the influence individuals can have on the University’s community. 

Bianca Shaw, a member of the A.S. board of directors, said she was unaware of the power these positions have and enjoyed the flexibility of the different jobs in the organization.  


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“One thing I learned about A.S. is that because they represent the entire student body they are so well connected in every category that even if something you want to do isn’t necessarily A.S. related, you can make it A.S. related,” Shaw said. “And make your vision come to life.”

Justin Wilken, a third-year finance major, said he attended the event to learn how to get involved and have an impact on campus. 

“A.S. seems to me now to be this incredibly important organization,” Wilken said. “It’s kind of a way to see everything that is going on in an institution and contextualize for yourself.”

Wilken said it is an opportunity to work with other students and learn real-world experience on a smaller scale. 

“Catch me maybe running for a position in the future,” Wilken said.

A.S. President Shawki Moore said his favorite part of the job was seeing the change the leadership team had on campus. However, he said the most challenging part was balancing his studies and his job as president. 

“Hopefully, this year is a very fun year of elections where the student body is more engaged in the election process in terms of voting,” Moore said.

For more information about the different jobs and committees can be found here, or you can fill out a student interest form here.