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Behind the Broom Center

The center, created for students in Public Relations, provides many resources in order to gain real-world experiences
Photo courtesy of Broom Center
Campaign team members Julissa Muro and Kassandra Cabral working the check-in table at the Broom Center’s 6th annual Center Lecture.

The Glen M. Broom Center for Professional Development in Public Relations, a non-profit organization at San Diego State University, is expanding public relations majors’ expertise through workshops and opportunities. 

The center — founded in 2012 — was named after Dr. Glen Broom, known as the professor of the “Public Relations profession.”

Broom taught at SDSU for over 30 years and is the author of “Cutlip and Center’s Effective Public Relations.” 

“Cutlip and Center’s Effective Public Relations” is recognized among many public relations students and the book became the “hallmark definition for the field,” according to the Broom Center’s website. 

The Broom Center aims to aid those determined to earn a degree in public relations and new undergraduate students who are entering the major. The center — which rents out new locations for countless events —  provides resources and databases to prepare public relations students before venturing out into the professional industry.

“The Black Mass Communication database allows people that are looking to amplify the voices of Black scholars to easily look at this list (database) and have those contacts easily available,” said Julissa Muro, a member of the student fellowship program. “(The Black Mass Communication) prevents people from making the excuse that there aren’t a lot of Black scholars out there.” 

The Broom Center also supports students by financing the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) memberships to those in the Student Fellowship program. The Broom Center works closely with the society to ensure that students are involved with PRSSA regardless of their socioeconomic status.

PRSSA, an on-campus organization, offers students workshops, scholarships, guest speakers from different agencies and the ability for students to obtain the Certificate in Principle of Public Relations. An exam is taken to earn the certificate and it is a way students can demonstrate their expertise in public relations to future employers.

“PRSSA for me has been a huge advantage. I was able to get my first internship from PRSSA. I am still at that internship now, and I have been able to get a full-time offer from them,” Muro said. “Resources, such as PRSSA, open doors for students. Getting that membership paid for is a huge game changer for people that are in tough economic situations.” 

The Student Fellowship is an extensive program offered at the center that competitively selects public relations students every spring. Applications are set to open this fall.

Students in this program also known as “Broomies,” get the opportunity to gain professional development. This includes touring PR agencies, obtaining one-on-one mentorship and networking opportunities. 

“I didn’t think that I could become a Broomie because I didn’t have experience in PR outside of school. That is what this center is for: to give you that experience,” said Morgan Davidson, another member of Student Fellows. 

Through the fellows program, Davidson was able to visit agency tours and gain professional development. She also had the opportunity to visit New York for three days and met leaders of Public Relations from various companies. 

“On the second day, we did job shadows and we got one-on-one mentoring. I went to Power Digital and we sat in on a conference call and sat inside their brainstorming session and we even gave them ideas,” Davidson said. “Now I am able to call them and be like, ‘remember when I gave you ideas, want some more?’” 

The Broom Center also hosts events and has networking opportunities to anyone that is not in the Student Fellows program.

“The center has lectures for students even if you are not in public relations to get to know what public relations is,” Davidson said.

The Broom Center is not only an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what working in public relations means, but it serves as the bridge between graduating students and careers that follow after graduation. 

“My favorite thing about the center is how much the Broom Center stands for traditionally marginalized voices. Being a woman of color in the world of PR, it is not always easy because you don’t always see yourself in that role,” Muro said. “I really appreciate how it is ingrained in us that change occurs by doing and not just talking.”

Davidson expressed that the Broom Center helped her to understand what it takes to be in public relations. 

“I have a much more holistic view of public relations now. I understand the people that work in public relations as well as the responsibilities that you have as a public relations professional in a more in-depth way than I would have received in class, ” she said.  

The people who typically work in the center are Public Relations capstone students who are getting ready to graduate.

Since the Broom center does not have a permanent location as of right now, Davidson said having a determined area for students who have an interest in PR can gain further knowledge of the industry. 

Davidson encourages public relations students who are undecided on continuing their path in the major to join the Student Fellows program.

“I knew what PR was, but didn’t know (how) to break into it. So I think if someone is in that position, they should join because it gives you so much more direction,” Davidson said. “Be open to everybody that you meet because every person that you meet is an opportunity for a relationship that could be bigger and better. You don’t ever want to close everybody out. I mean we are public relations, we are all about relationships.” 

For questions regarding the Broom Center, contact Kaye Sweetser, director of the Broom Center at and follow the center on Instagram at broomcenter. 

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Jennifer Aguilar, '23-24 Mundo Azteca Editor
Jennifer Aguilar is a junior at San Diego State and a first-generation transfer student. She formerly attended San Diego Mesa College where she was the News Editor and the Editor-in-Chief of The Mesa Press. Her goal is to become a bilingual broadcast journalist for a news or entertainment outlet. She also enjoys filming and editing videos for her youtube channel with over 40k views (as of now).
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Behind the Broom Center