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The 25+ Aztecs: Connecting non-traditional students on campus

The group hosts events for students to socialize and build community
Design courtesy of The 25+ Aztecs

At San Diego State University, a dedicated group called the 25+ Aztecs offers non-traditional students an opportunity to connect and find support. 

The group, composed mainly of students over 25 years old, provides a platform for socializing, networking and career development.

Desiree Meyette, the founding president of the 25+ Aztecs and a senior hospitality major, spoke about the group’s purpose to create a sense of belonging for non-traditional students. 

“We founded this club to give non-traditional students a home on campus, someplace where they can meet other people they can relate to,” Meyette said. “And it’s a social organization, something for us to go out and have fun. Through that, it turns into networking opportunities because we’re all grown adults working full time for the most part, and we learn of other available jobs.”

Edward Borek III, vice president of the 25+ Aztecs and a third-year business administration major, shared his experience with the group. 

“For me, finding the 25+ Aztecs has been so valuable. I’m often the oldest person in each of my classes, so I relate more to the professors,” Borek said. “Finding this group has allowed me to build appropriate relationships with people my own age.”

The 25+ Aztecs host various events and activities, such as study breaks, special occasions like arcade nights, football games and networking opportunities. 

Borek also spoke about providing for each other as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of each other.

“Let’s say one student is interested in working in a particular field, it’s likely another member has already had some exposure to that,” Borek said. “We are able to better guide and advise each other from that mid-career perspective.”

In addition to helping members forge connections and advance their careers, the group is also focused on addressing issues faced by non-traditional students at SDSU. 

Meyette expressed concerns about the lack of representation for non-traditional students on campus and the need for more resources tailored to their needs. 

“We want to see an opportunity for the school to see how many non-traditional students want to be active on campus and not have to mix and mingle with 20-year-olds,” Meyette said. “They also want to be able to make friendships and have a second chance at college.”

The group’s success and growth since its inception in 2022 have been remarkable, but challenges remain. Meyette noted difficulties filling roles and circumstances with Student Life and Leadership every year. 

Despite these obstacles, the group’s leaders are committed to expanding programs and services, collaborating with other student organizations and university departments and increasing visibility and awareness on campus.

Meyette’s vision for the future of the 25+ Aztecs includes a banquet to honor and thank the professors and people who have supported non-traditional students.

The 25+ Aztecs’ impact on its members is undeniable. The group has created a welcoming space for non-traditional students at SDSU, helping them find friendship, support and opportunities to academically and personally thrive. 

As the group continues to grow and evolve, it will undoubtedly play an essential role in fostering an inclusive and diverse campus community by providing non-traditional students at SDSU with a space to connect, socialize and grow. The 25+ Aztecs are working to ensure that everyone can succeed and make the most of their college experience.

“Our goal is to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all non-traditional students,” Meyette said. “We want to show that diversity and different perspectives are what make a campus thrive.”

The group’s dedication to supporting its members and advocating for the unique needs of non-traditional students is a testament to the importance of inclusivity and diversity on college campuses.

The 25+ Aztecs at SDSU encourage other colleges to create support networks for non-traditional students with the goal of providing a space for individuals to thrive academically and socially. 

For more information, follow the 25+ Aztecs on Instagram.

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The 25+ Aztecs: Connecting non-traditional students on campus