Nursing program increases cost

by Bill Crotty

MCT campus

A recent change to course materials in the nursing program at San Diego State has met unhappy resistance from many students affected. The program is one of the most competitive at SDSU and students who are in the five-semester program, like many students pursuing other degrees in other areas, were made aware of the general requirements at the outset of their education.

However, a few weeks ago, an email from Interim Director of the School of Nursing John Lantz informed students in the program of a new course requirement that could cost each student as much as $773.

In a letter to students, Catherine Todero, who currently serves as the VA Nursing Academy School of Nursing program director, told students the product is comprehensive and designed for the entire five semesters. She also noted the cost has been prorated for students who have already completed courses and it includes a review for a test students in the program are required to take, which would normally cost students an additional $300 to $400. This will decrease the cost to $484 for seniors, according to one of the students affected.

According to Lantz, for nursing majors beginning this year, most courses will require students to purchase the ATI program because it will aid students in several critical areas.

Students in the program have asked to remain annonymous, but many have said they will not buy it regardless of the department requiring the materials. Those displeased with this addition claimed the requirement is ill timed in addition to the product being unfair to students and this cost way too expensive to force on such short notice.

According to recent estimates by the California State University system, the average cost of books and supplies for students at SDSU for this academic school year is $1,661. Students who started SDSU’s nursing program last year said their costs for the very first semester were about $2,000, but this new addition will increase that amount closer to $3,000.

These same students can be removed from their major merely for receiving a C- in any of their required classes, with no guarantee of readmittance. Strict requirements, difficult course materials and little notice of the new fees are the core for complaints within the major.